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Hi all;
My wife & I'll be in SLT, (Harvey's...I know, I know, but the res is a done deal), second week of Feb. Background: I'm late 50s, she late 40s, both expert skiers, (live in east, one trip west every year). I can't do bumps anymore and am at the stage that I prefer good groomed steeps to gnarly hacked-up stuff. We love to play in powder, but obviously aren't really good at it, as the only time we see it is out west on vacation.
This is our first trip to Tahoe and need local advice, as I'd rather listen to those who have done it rather than the hype of the mags or travel desks. We work hard for our money, so we don't want to waste it on over priced restaurants and ski areas not worth going to. Our lift tickets include: Heavenly, Kirkwood, Squaw, Northstar, Alpine & Sierra. We have 5 ski days, (mon - fri), which ones will we enjoy the most? I'm not about to do cliff-drops or couloirs, but don't want "Big Emma", (Snowbird), either. I don't mind glitzy areas as long as the place skis well, (Vail, Aspen).
How 'bout the restaurant scene? We'll do breakfast in the room and bring our own lunck, (no $9/slice pizza for us!). Dinner, looks like we're stuck with going out each nite and don't want to go broke with high-priced meals. Like pub-food, pizza, Italian, etc. Probably do one "good" meal for the whole week. Don't forget our age, so the bar thing in not us any more, (fun many years ago though!).
Long-winded, sorry.
Thanks Bears!
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CB: Sorry..but you may have to forget Squaw, Northstar,and Alpine if you're sleeping South Shore. The WestShore highway around Emerald Bay from SLT is probably closed due to avi danger. However, it might reopen by the time you get there...still, ya never know. That road was blown out at Emerald Bay once before. That said, you can spend many days at Heavenly & Kirkwood without getting bored. Careful on the drive to K'wood. Heard 4wd is ABSOLUTELY necessary. Check posts about TR about Kirkwood elsewhere in this forum.

Ironically N. Shore would give you access to more areas/restaurants and bars...from Truckee to Tahoe City to Incline. I haven't skied S. Shore in years and will leave the opinions to the experts. But I used to live on N. Shore...and if you can get to it. I'm sure the board will agree..there's plenty of everything for everybody.
Northstar is tamer...definitely better for a stormy day. Alpine can be hair-raising, but very good skiing and views.

If you can get to the west shore...recommend Stony Ridge cafe in of the best at the lake for breakfast or dinner. Wolfdale's in Tahoe City for dinner also excellent. Sunnyside Resort has a legendary brunch...and there many excellent bistros in Truckee and Tahoe city as well.
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there is plenty of standard, cheap eats in tahoe ranging from fast food like Mcdonalds, subway, round table etc to sit downs like Chevys, bunch of chinese, thai, indian, italian. you should not have a problem getting a decent meal for about 10-20 bucks per person.
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Just though I would chime in here with a recommendation for Sierra as well as Heavenly and Kirkwood. The West Bowl is all within your capability, and you will probably like Castle if it is groomed, and the back side off the Grandview or El Dorado lifts. Recommended for weekdays, Sierra can be crowded on weekends.

Heavenly is a great place to enjoy, and you won't see it all in a single day. If crowds are a problem, just go to Olympic or North Bowl and you won't see anyone. Kirkwood is well known for double diamond terrain, but has great cruisers and they do groom some of the steepest runs served by Cornice lift using a winch cat. Note Cornice is the only express lift at Kirkwood, but lines are not usually a problem anywhere.

The buffet dining at Harveys one of the best food deals around for price, quantity and quality. You can avoid $8 pizza slices by taking the gondola down to the shops at Heavenly where you can find a hot Quizno's sub or other reasonably priced fare, or for that matter make a quick stop at the Hotel. Consider renting a locker for $4 at the top of the Gondola to stash food, drinks and shoes when you ski Heavenly.
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Having been to Tahoe last year and returning this year (stayed at Ceasars), I would definately recommend Squaw for groomed steeps. We only skied Heavenly, Squaw and Alpine, so I can't speak for the other areas. I was totally not impressed with Heavenly and loved Alpine and Squaw. Alpine has some fine groomed steeps and we will return for sure, but Squaw has twice as much of it. Every advanced/intermediate lift I rode (which was all that were open) had at least 2 steep runs groomed. For a real thrill try the "LAND BRIDGE" and carry as much speed as you dare. Then catch the Silverado lift back to High Camp. FWIW, we'll be back in Tahoe Feb 12-19 and will try Northstar and Kirkwood. To be fair to Heavenly, I tried it on the weekend and only saw maybe 30 percent of the area. As for inexpensive dining it's readily available on both shores.
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You will like Tahoe. Given where your staying, odds are you'll spend most of your time @ Heavenly. You can ski there a week & still find new runs. In the future you might consider North Lake, Truckee area. It is a small, very laid back area. I started going to Heavenly when I was 14 (16 years ago). 5 years ago my wife & I started going to Truckee, we've never been back to south lake....too Vegas for us! Since your staying a week, take a day & go around the can atleast get a half day in @ Northstar which is more of a local ski area due to the programs that they offer season ticket holders....this means skiers attitudes are a little different than you might find @ Heavenly. If you are renting a car, best to rent a 4X4 SUV, you may have to use it. Have fun!

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Squaw, Alpine, Kirkwood, Northstar, Heavely, Sierra

That is the order I would choose for what you are telling us.

The south lake-north lake thing may be a real issue this year.

It is all good
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