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One More Time!

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I'm again looking for some guidance. I'm intermediate but competent, middle aged, getting back into skiing after many years off. I'm down to two skis, and because of value, they're last years models...the Atomic R-10 and the Atomic SX-9. Which would be best for all around, everyday fun. I likely not have two pairs of skis and just want to get all the advice I can before committing. Also, whats the difference between the Atomic SX and CR bindings...both are available on the SX-9. Thanks for any input. Wilbur
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would help to know where you ski, what terrain you prefer to ski (groomers, powder, bumps, crud, etc.), how often you ski and if you intend on learning "modern technique."
Your size & weight will also help folks make suggestions on proper length. The old rules of sizing have been completely thrown out the window.

I haven't skied the R-10, but have time on the SX-9. Good all-around ski that likes to be carved with modern technique. Difficult to skid the tail. Very good hard snow hold. Decent in powder,crud and small-medium bumps, but that's not really what it's designed to do.
In short, a good ski for someone who spends most of his times on the groomers with occasional forays onto other terrain and has decent modern technique.
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OK, thanks Squeaky. Will ski mostly groomed runs and when I'm lucky enough to find the powder I'll do that. I'll be skiing mostly in the drier environs, i.e. not the western Cascades. I'm planning trips to Bachelor, Sun Valley, and Bogus Basin near Boise. I'm just under 6 feet and 215. I had many lessons in the old days at Mt. Bachelor but will not do them this time unless I find I need to. I loved speed (and still do) but extreme bumps and slope were not my forte, (and getting older means they probably won't become my expertise either) although moderate terrain was fine by me. Does this help you?
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