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Recreational Racing

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I do a lot of recreational racing, and have been skiing on 193 Volkl P'30s for the last 4 years. I'm about ready for a new set of skis and I'm considering the supersport 6 star because I've heard it's a beefier version of the 5 star (which I demoed and loved). Most of my skiing is in the east on hardpack, I'm 5'10 and 170lbs. I'd like to hear from anyone who's had a chance to ski the 6 star in the gates, and any advice on ski lenght.


The Grunt
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You probably arn't going to like this, but 168cm or 175cm is probably your size in the 6 star! The longest it comes is a 182cm.

I ski a 180cm SX11, Rec. Racing & freeskiing & am 6'0 180-185lbs. (185lbs at the moment unfortunately).

These newer expanded shaped GS construction boards ski long for their length. Err on the side of shorter!

Over & out!

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Do you plan on skiing GS AND Slalom on the same ski, or only GS?
For GS only, I'd go 175. For dual event, 168.
Depending on your race experience, the 182's may be all right for GS. I have a pair of 5 stars in a 182 and they don't feel too long at all. I weigh 185, though, and have been racing for many years.
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By recreational racing, do you mean USSA (not really recreational, but I like it), Masters, NASTAR, town league...? There's a lot of levels of recreational racing, and a lot of degrees in difficulty even within the various categories. A NASTAR course at one resort may be a Masters course at another.

Are you mainly skiing GS, or do you run slalom courses as well? Are the sets open and fast, or turny and technical? Are the race hills steep or relatively tame?

The reason I bring this up is that the course set and terrain has a great deal to do with what a shorter and more shapely ski can do for you. I've found my times on flatter and more technical courses are better with a shorter and more shapely ski (15-18M radius). Some of the Masters I race with have longer Volkl 5 Stars or race carvers like the Atomic GS9 for those types of courses. It's just easier to carve a clean line at slower speeds on those types of skis. However, when the speeds increase and the sets get more open, I've found an actual GS ski is the way to go.

If you also race SL, I would just go ahead and keep what you have for GS and pick up a short slalom with a 10-12M radius.

As for the 6 Star, I wasn't really that impressed with it (vs the 5 Star). A good race-carver off of eBay would probably be cheaper and faster in the long run, and the radius of the skis would be similar. The Fischer World Cup Race Carver is a great example. If GS is the only discipline you're racing, something in the 175-180cm range would probably do the trick.

The best option would be to demo a bunch of similar skis in a course (coin-op or NASTAR) and see what works for you.
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Really consider checking out the P60 GC Racing (178 or 183cm) - For skiing the eastern hardpack and rec. racing, this is one fine ski. Seems to be overlooked in the Volkl line this year due to the 6 star hoopla - everyone who did the intro demo raved about it - compared to everything.
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Trot over to Scandanavian Ski Shop ..... take a look at the Stockli SC.
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Hi all, I'd like to thank you for the responses. Well, after much thought, I went ahead and purchased the 6 stars in a 168. Most of my racing is in club races with the NY Metropolitan Ski Council (GS and SL), and National Brotherhood of Skiers (GS only). Throw in about 10 Nastar races a year (gold 1 out of 3 and the rest silver). I figured the 6 star would perform well enough in the gates, and still be fun for the rest of the mountain (my p30's are brutal in the bumps). I'm heading out to Snowbird Utah in 3 weeks for a week of race training, and fun races. I'll be bringing both skis, so I'll let you know if I see any improvement with the stars.
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Well I will be on the 2004 9X oversize this year. Got great reviews so take a look.
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