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new to this help please haha

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hey everyone,

Well I've decided since I will b taking more annual trips out west and since I ski often on the east coast that I would like to get into some back-country stuff. The only experience of backcountry I have is at solitude- The Honeycomb Canyons (if u can even consider that backcountry) and also some at Alta- I did some hiking which was amazing!! I decided I wanna get more into it. I figure this is an oppurtune time as well since I plan on buying new skis next year. So I was wondering what special equipment will be necessary to purchase and any tips would b awesome. I won't be doing a lot of it and it certainly won't be insane but deff some more exciting stuff and a little less than often (if that's even a term haha) thanks for the help

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yah dood!

www.wildsnow.com has lots of good info, read all of Lou Dawson's "Articles" on that page.
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you'll never look back.
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you prolly already know the basics.

Avy course combined with a hut trip is a great way to begin.
You can rent the gear you'll need:
AT or Tele skis/bindings/boots
Backpack for all you crap
map compass

extra this and that clothing

there's more but that'll get you headed in the right direction. Your guide will cover all of this before you go. You just need to set the date and DO it.
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