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Holiday Valley, NY Jan 14-16

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Hey WNY Bears. Going to HV this weekend anyone up for turns and beers. The weather is turning and the weekend is looking good. If we play our cards right we could get some lake effect.

Jeff (aka Binder from JH) is coming along. We will have kids in tow and some beginners but we are going to have fun.

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Hey Powdigger,

I, along with a friend of mine, had plans to fly up Thursday night and ski Friday and Saturday, but the temperature and rain forecast for Wednesday and Thursday caused us to re-book for the next weekend. If you have any inside knowledge as to the conditions at Holiday, I would love to hear it.
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Ed, Mrs and I are going to be on Cindy's between 10-11:30am watching our 10 yr old do his first kiddie GS fun race on the NASTAR course. Drop by and say hello. Look for pair of proud parents and dad wearing an ugly puke booger-green helmet on his head and likely 6* on his feet. Perhaps I have time for a few turns with you in the early afternoon.
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The temps for Thursday will be falling rapidly into the 20's with the arrival of very cold air. The snow guns will definitely be on. But forecasts show some natural snow. Also the wind patterns over lake Erie show a West to East fetch over the lake. With all the warm weather the lake as not frozen over which means all that frozen moisture as not go somewhere. Hopefully, it will end up on us.


Josseph, we will look for you Sat. and good luck!

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Originally Posted by Powdigger
Josseph, we will look for you Sat. and good luck!
Ed, I don't know where I will be Saturday. It is Sunday that I will for sure be there. FRS radio channel 5-11.

Weather and snow has been pretty iffy this year, though the Valley can get up and running again within 24 - 48 hrs of good, low temps.

Boredtoo: I will likely be at the Valley both mornings till mid afternoon the weekend following as well. Same deal, FRS 5-11, and maybe we can hook up for a turn or two?

PM me if interested.
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Wow, Holiday Valley. I moved from Salamanca to NYC ten years ago last August. I lived in Salamanca for 7 years and spent many many happy days at the Valley. I miss having an area 9 miles away. Have lots of fun!!!
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Sorry I couldn't make it up josseph. The person that was providing the free lodging unexpectedly had to work and could not go with me. We are going to try to go sometime before the end of February. I'll give you a PM then.
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