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Help me create a demo list

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I haven't been able to get a good feel for this years stock, and I'm in the market for a new pair of skis. Here's my stats 5'3", about 165 lbs., technical moderate speed skier and instructor, 98% of the time spent in the groomed and crud and ice of the east.

I have 173 volkl p50 platinums with 1200 piston bindings. I love my GS cut skis, they let me relax and have some flow. I'm looking to improve my short turn and bump skiing. Last year I demoed the 5 star in a 161. I loved the shape, and it's go anywhere ability. I hated it's stiffness, by the late in the day my legs where mush, and my bad knee was sore. I got sloppy, and was unable to make the ski perform anymore. I was never so glad to see my platinums as I was at the end of that day. I hate soft skis though, because I don't really have enough patience in my skiing, they end up just feeling like mush to me. Actually, I find short too stiff skis really play havoc on my bum knee. I've moved to a 133 (from 123)in the short Elan for my beginners classes. I guess I'm looking for not to stiff, not to soft.

Suggestions welcome......... thanks guys.
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Dear Eastern,
I'm with you. I'm 5'6" 160lbs. and ski mostly in Maine where the powder is blue and and our knuckles are white. You know the story. I too no longer have the best knees. I will make a few suggestions: I hope it helps. If you liked the 5-star, but found it "a little stiff"--consider the 4-Star. Similar geometry, but a little softer, more forgiving and better in the bumps.

Consider Atomic SL-9: Extremely versitle SL ski will def. help your short turns, but not as stiff and demanding as the SL-11.

Consider the excellent "Cross" skis from both Atomic and Dynastar:

Atomic SX9 and SX11. 9 is softer but very versatile. 11 is said to hold like a GS Racer on ice, but supposed to be more demading--some reviewers still say it is forgiving others feels you have to be "on it" all the time. You'll have to decide
Dynastar similarly with the SC (SkiCross) 9 and 10.

LAstly the Head ic160 is raved about for ease of use, edge hold, nimbleness but not as quick as a real SL ski in quick turns.

Also--have you visited Peter Keelty's site RealSkiers.com? He has good reviews of the new seasons gear available now.
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For short turns and ice I would give the Stockli SL a try in 156. Perhaps a bit hard to demo, but worth a ride if you can find em'.
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I think the ski you are looking for is the Fischer WC SC.

It's appreciably softer than the SL9, 10m turn radius at 160, good in bumps.
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Fischer WC SC. It's quite a bit softer and more skiable than the SL9 IMHO
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In the Volkl line I would tend to suggest the energY Carver 420 or 320. They are very under-rated skis that perform very well and in a manner consistent with your Platinums. I would also sugest a close look at Dynastar. Their SkiCross line will probably appeal to you and the SkiCross 9 is the ski I would suggest you start demoing. Note Dynastars have a feel that is very different to Volkl. I'd let you know my impressions but that would only confuse you. Let me just suggest that when demoing skis of a brand you don't normally ride that you put yourself through some of the balance and edging drills that you put your level 6-7 skiers through in a lesson. That will help you find the best attributes (and weaknesses) of any ski you are demoing.

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It has n't been mentioned yet, but I think the skis you should be looking at are the Dynastar Omecarve 9 and 10. Detuned versions of the Omeglass 64.
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Try the Volkl G2 or G3. I believe this years the AX2 check Volkl's site. The G3 and AX3 are great all mountain skis. I love my G3's in the bumps. They helped me a lot.
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Rusty Guy,
I've been ready to drop the money for a new pair of SL9's. Now you have me thinking about the WC SC's pretty hard. I wish I could find a place that demo'ed both in the northeast. I'm 6' 200 pounds. Would the 160 be the correct length? That was the only thing holding me up from purchasing the SL9's. I can't decide between the 160's or the 170's.
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ESB...here's a few

OmeCarve 10 (115-65-104) ......(Dynastar)(mentioned by epic)
SkiCross 10 ...(110-69- 98).......... "

Fusion S8 ......(112-67-100) ......(Elan)

B1 ...................(109-70- 99) .......(Rossignol) [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

i.SL Chip ..... (119-64-102) .......(Head)

Atomic SL9 (nikonfme) !!

I see Fischer's @SR's demo days each year...
Atomics, mostly @Loon

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