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Speaking of the trees, how is coverage in there right now? My understanding is that it was thin a couple of weeks ago, and not much new snow has fallen lately.
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Eagle wind is a little boney in spots, but seeing how windy that spot is, that may almost be a given. Lower elevation eagle wind is a little better.
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Originally Posted by tball View Post

Bump skis are narrow and fairly short.  Most folks like a medium to soft flex in the bumps.  It really depends on the ski, but in general a 76 will be better than a 96 in the bumps.   

The best skis I have for bumps are 80mm 170cm AC30's.   My everyday ski is 90mm 178cm Steadfast.   85-90mm is ideal for MJ because there are lots of fun trees that usually have softer snow where you'll want the extra width.  If you just ski bumps, though, narrow is better.

For competition bump skiing, and lines/technique of the variety tball uses, I completely agree.

For what you'll be doing in camp - bring your 96's.

Edit - don't ask us, email bob what models/lengths you have and let him tell you.
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