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Salomon Performa 7.0 Boots

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I am contemplating buying some new boots and am thinking about the 2004 Salomon Performa 7.0 (good prices on that model right now). I want a boot that won't break the bank and I know Salomon has a pretty decent reputation.

I am an upper-intermediate skier and just purchased some Volant machete souls (Marker 1200 Ti bindings) I am coming from the old Raichle rear-entry, so I am sure any new boot will fit much better, however, my greatest concern is compatibility with the skis. I ski mainly groomed trails here in the midwest, but may go West once this season.

Any thoughts on these boots or experience with them? Thanks!
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I like the fit on these, I got last years model at a huge discount so I went with them, don't think there's much difference between this years excepts for cosmetic uplifts (although I like last years black on red better). I am a distance runner so I'm a member of the chicken feet club and the customfit liner holds my ankle in pretty well. The flex is adjustable and again, being a skinny guy, the flex is something my mass can handle on most terrain. In terms of compatibility, I think there's an industry standard for boot-binding compatibility(ASTM???) so I wouldn't worry about that, just make sure they're torque tested by a reputable ski shop and get footbeds (custom= better, and if you're on a budget, like I was, the superfeet cut-to fit work well too).
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I have 03/04 Solly Performa 7.0 mondo size of 27.5 if you are interested. It's very comfortable.
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turnmeloose: Thanks, but I am a mondo 28.5.
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makwendo99: Thanks for the advice. I will most likely go with these.
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I was in mondo 28.5 with the US size 10.5 but I went one size smaller 27.5 from this forum recommendation. Afterward, my bootfitter told me that Rossi B2 + the custom footbed fit better for my foot anatomy since I have narrow flat feet. Now I have barely used extra boots.
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I may have mis-spoken. I have an old pair of Raichle boots (15 yrs old) and they are a European 11. I wear a shoe size 9.5 or 10 depending, so I assumed I would go smaller than my Raichle's, but larger than my shoe size. I usually like to wear a heavy, padded sock when I ski. Anyway, I am going to my local ski shop tonight to get fitted, because after reading all of the boot fitting stuff on here, I am thinking I may need to go smaller with the newer boots. If I can fit into a 27.5, how much would be willing to sell your Performa's?
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Try the Salomon Performa 6.0

I have skied in Salomon Performa 6.0 boots for the past 4 seasons. Recently I decided it was time to shop for new boots, so off I went to sample the latest wares offered up by the ski industry. After an afternoon of trying on just about everything in the shop, the best fitting, most comfy amd most affordable boot was the good old Perfoma 6.0. I'm an upper-intermediate skier, and they work very well for me. Add a pair of Sole footbeds (highly recommended), and you're in skier heaven. Nuff said.
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