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Volkl T-Rock vs Karma

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anybody ski a T-Rock and know the difference between the two?

I heard that it's the same as the Karma except it's less stiff by the deletion of one metal layer (to make it lighter for touring)

does anyone know how it compares directly with the Karma? is it THAT much less stiff or just slightly less stiff and if so, would it make a better all around ski due to a lower swing weight?
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I was thinking of getting a pair of T-Rocks and mounting them with regular bindings

here's a good set of reviews from several sources:


would love to hear other's opinions of the T-Rock because I know lots of people RAVE about the Karma (Freeskier magazine 2005 ski of the year)
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Take a Kharma and cut off the rear twin tip - voila you got a T-Rock now!
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T Rock is lighter and softer than a Karma.
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Originally Posted by troutman
T Rock is lighter and softer than a Karma.

but is it close enough to the Karma to be a good everyday ski out west?

have you skied both?

is the Karma better or only slightly more stiff and heavy?
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