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Volant ski defect

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Hello all!
I have an older pair of Volants...I think I bought them in 1998. I took them for a tuning before the season this year, and the technician pointed out where the ski is separating from the base. I told him I thought I had possibly damaged the ski in one of my crashes, but he said it would have been impossible for me to damage that part of the ski (under the bindings). Anyway, he went on to say that he remembered news of a manufacture defect on Volant skis from a few years back. Has anyone heard of this, and can anyone give me details? Please don't tell me to get new skis, I love my Volants.

Expat living/skiing in Europe
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Haven't heard of that....However, the skis are 6 years old so maybee its normal...or maybee you got some moisture in their.
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There were some of the old "Full Metal Jackets" that came apart under severe stress.

Oh, and get new skis. The NEW Volants smoke the old ones. Same edge hold, yet are much livelier.
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