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Good lightweight bindings/boots?

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I skied a pair of Dynastar Cross 66's yesterday, with Tyrolia demo bindings. They were VERY heavy and definitely were much more fatiguing than some Atomic 9.22's that I demo'ed a few days before.

My question is this - in order to take advantage of some of the lighter skis available today (Atomic 9.22, Fischer Sceneo etc...), are there any good quality super-lightweight bindings that would make a good match for them?

To take that question one step further - are there real safety or performance advantages from todays ultra-heavy bindings? Why not go with a pair of old (still indemnified) Tyrolia 690's or lightweight Look's or something in order to keep the weight down?

Also, I know that Raichle Flexon's are lighter than most other boots - are they considered to have the extreme lateral and medial rigidity that make skiing shaped skis effortless?

Thanks for any input.
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First off, welcome on board!
As for modern bindings, if you go with titanium ones, they tend to be lighter.
Salomon do the Ti range, e.g. the 912Ti which is lighter than their standards, but they are heavy when compared with the Marker Competitions and Rossignol ones (can't remember their names)

I understand the weight problem - my skis & bindings are very heavy. (and that's my excuse for not floating perfectly through powder every time!)

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The heavier ski/binding combo was more fatiguing, eh. What were you doing, kicking snowballs all day? [img]smile.gif[/img] Are you sure that it was the weight on the equipment and not something else?

In any case, once you identify a lightweight ski that you like, pick up and handle the various bindings that are offered by the ski shop. You will easily figure out which are the lighter and which ain't.

You seem to favor the Atomic BR 9.22. The Atomic bindings are pretty light and if you get both skis and bindings from Atomic, they increase the the waranty by either a year or two.

The Salomon Ti bindings that Zorro mentioned are really nice. So what if these are a bit heavier, they are excellent bindings.

Good luck!
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Look and Rossignol bindings are pretty light, as are Marker MRRs (turntable heel). If you don't set your DIN very high (3-11) then the Tyrolia SuperLight series is also VERY light.
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I'll have to admit this subject mystifies me when it comes up. Given that bindings are mounted in the center area of skis and not at their extremities the weight difference between binding models should have no appreciable effect on skier fatigue unless perhaps someone spends all their time in the air or really, really needs to get in shape.

The only real difference binding weight might would seem to make is when carrying them to the car at the end of the day and even then it's not much.

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