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Contact for Tom Burch?

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Does anyone have an e-mail addy or phone number for Tom Burch? My son and I are going to be in Copper from 4th February for a few weeks and I want to catch up with him and he doesn't seem to respond to PMs. I recall that last year he didn't have Internet access where he was staying. I would appreciate someone giving him this message at ESA if not before.

Also would love to catch up with any Bears in Summit County. Altho we are staying at Copper we plan to cover most of the major resorts within reasonable distance and hope to catch up with some of the coaches and participants at last year's ESA plus any others.

Seems the snow cover is building at last!
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I see Tom a few times a week, so I'll let him know you're looking for him.
It will be great to see you folks again! What a pleasant surpirse.
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Will you be around on March 6th, Gerathlete?
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