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Ski warranties?

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After about 15 days this season, my brand new 04-05 Public Enemies are in pretty poor shape. They've got all sorts of core shots on the top edges (!) and sidewalls of the ski, chips out of the tip sidewalls and one of the sidewalls is starting to pull away from the ski. I can't imagine what these things are going to look like at the end of the season with another 40+ days of use. I'm concerned because I ski just as hard on my Rossi 9Ss and my older Atomics but they dont have anywhere near as much damage after at least 100 days of use each.

So the question- just how bad does a ski have to be to be warrantied by a ski manufacturer? What will disqualify a ski from warranty repair/replacement? I do ski in the park, but the skis are mostly for all-mountain use with no rails ever. I tune them myself, sharpening the edges and waxing them at least every other time I ski. I use ski straps any time they're off my feet longer than a few minutes. I think I've taken pretty good care of them, but they dont look like it.
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What you are complaining about, very few manufacturers will warranty. The sidewall is a possible warranty issue, but they may deny it if it looks as if the ski has been abused.
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Warranties cover manufacturing defects. Without seeing the skis, the described damage would be assumed to be pilot created. Straping your skis during transport will not protect the skis when you ski with your feet too close together.
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