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Does anyone know dif'ence betw'n Atomic Xentrix 412 & R412 bindings?

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Does anyone know if there is a difference between these bindings?

[ March 28, 2003, 10:37 AM: Message edited by: debner ]
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I asked Betaracer this exact same question. The difference is that the Xentrix bindings have 8mm of lift and the R bindings do not. Both are free flex and have the 4 Variozone settings. I'm currently on the Xentrix 310 binding and have not had any problems. I really like the Variozone feature. I like the bindings so much that I'm getting the R412 bindings on my new Atomic R:EX skis.
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I'm not sure prosper is complete about this one. I think the xentrix 412 is an older model (2001-2) than the R(ride) series (2002-3); the race xentrix does have extra lift, I think its only 5 mm, and a different heelpad; but the xentrix??? - it looks like almost the same binding - but if that's true, then it is a different binding. The other difference is cosmetic. I think there's more orange on the ride series, at least some models. The 2002-3 race series comes in greens and reds to match the 03 race or cross atomics - as if that makes a difference to anyone. (you can get orange or green poles too).

Perhaps what you're seeing in shops is stuff leftover from last season or earier. Alot of people like the variozone feature and put the rides on other skis and the shops may not have any left.
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And some people don't know the difference (or claim not to), so if you're looking at e-bay, some people will advertise a 2003 xentrix and show a picture of a ride, so you don't know what the heck you are buying.
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The R or Ride is the renamed Xentrix. They are the same binding. They both have 24mm of height and very from the Race or (RaceRace) which is a lower version and only has 16 or 17mm of height. The race is lower to meet FIS requirements when mounted on Atomics plates.
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What L7 said.
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so then what is the carve 412 bindings? xentrix also, but not clear what difference between ride, race and carve?!?!?! not that I'm confused or anything ... :
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I think L7 is probably right, the only difference looks like color, and price - - - although Atomics did suffer from a "prelease" phenomenon which may have prompted some subtle changes. Anyone know? no problem on my 2003s.

I would recommend the 2003 bindings, just to be safe. They should be around quite at a discount this time-o-year.
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Other than the Centro and Device models, Atomic offers two main choices of bindings for the consumer. Within both are 310, 412, 614, and 1018 (for racers or very aggressive skiers). The choices are Race and Xentrix. The Xentrix has a few brake widths to select from, being 74mm, 88mm, 99mm, and 107mm. The Race has only 74mm brakes. Housings for equal DIN range are the same for the Race and Xentrix brakes, with colours being the difference. The most obvious difference between the Race and Xentrix is the Xentrix has an 7mm higher stand height compared to the Race (24mm vs 17mm). There are changes in the brakes too.

The Xentrix were always the higher bindings, so even if they were Race Xentrix, they were still high. The RaceRace was the lower stand height model. Eventual name changes led to Race being only the 17mm binding and Xentrix being the 24mm binding. The Xentrix was then available in C (for Carv) and R (for Ride) models, with colour being the difference. Next year will see the Race and the CR models. The Race are unchanged, and the CR (Carv/Ride) will be Xentrix height.

Now you should be less confused.
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