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Volkl EXP

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I'm posting this for my son. He's 17y/o, 5'9" 145lbs spent 6 years in Okemo's race program has been instructing for almost 3 season's now. Has been clocked in a SG at over 60mph.

He demoed the Volkl EXP with turbo piston motion in 163cm, on Saturday. It began snowing about 9:30AM and we got about 4" during the day.

Has first three runs were on fresh groomed snow. He could not find the skis speed limit. He was not impressed with how hard it was to get the ski the launch him off the snow into the next turn. But after the snow got cut up he had a great time. He remarked how easy the ski was to turn and change direction. He was impressed with the way it handled in the moguls. Today after skiing his R11's he said he liked the way the EXP's handled the transition between soft pushed up snow to frim scrapped off snow. I said that is what I have been telling you what I like most about my AX3's.

When he dropped the skis off at the shop he told the tech about the lack of pop. The tech said what we had figured. If the get the ski flat and put the turbo piston on it you should get more pop out of the ski. That is why my AX3 is flat, not motion.

I know they don't have as much pop as a lot of skis, but these are all mountain skis not a race ski.
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Hey Max,

Thanks for the PM. Did your son go 163 and not 170 because of his weight. He going to try any other lengths? The tech mention if it's easy finding the EXP or PRO without the motion? Definitely see the "package" setup more around the San Jose area.
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He will go with the 163cm because of his weight. It is fairly easy here in NE to find Volkl's both flat or motion. He works at a shop down my our home but we still deal with Northern SKi Works, Shon or Randy in VT for our high end gear. He has skied my AX3's 170cm and liked them for what they are. To be honest here he has been on the R11 in 170cm for two years now. With his racing background he can make that ski do amazing things. I wouldn't and he wouldn't recommend that just anyone his size should be on that much ski. This is a kid that at 14y/o would keep up with the J2 girls on there GS skis when he was on his 140cm SL9's. Got to admire young legs and skill.
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