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boot leak

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Anyone having any troubles with Tecnica Icon Carbon's leaking? I started to have this problem last season and it has gotten much worse this year. They get so wet that if I don't dry them they will still be wet the next week. Duct tape over the toes seems to be working so far (just like my old Nordica's). Looking to see if anyone is having similar problems or has discovered a better, but less stylish cure, than duct tape. Thanks.
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My old Technica Innotecs leaked like a sieve. Duct tape was the only thing I found. Had to keep replacing the tape in order to keep it working.
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Neoprene boot covers help. They keep water out and help keep feet toasty. The company is called BootGlove. http://www.bootglove.com

Take a look. I like them.
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boot glove are no longer operating.

try searching for dry guy on the net or email boot glove and they will point you in the right direction.

very fast delivery and they work too. Allowed me to ski for 6 hours in -45 temps in Lake Louise last month without cold toes.
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Thanks for the idea. The neoprene cover sounds like it is worth investigating. It never gets cold or windy at the Loaf. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Icons leak.

Try silicone caulk.
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ski boot just leak
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