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This made me laugh a LOT!

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One of the bars I frequented in Switzerland played possibly the greatest cover of a song ever, except they had the full length version!

You have to listen to it, particularly if you listened to a lot of 80s rock growing up.
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well........ are those kazoos?
i want the full length version!
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damn computer...shut down my audio again. Guess I'll have to go reinstall....again!
grumble, bitch complain.
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Originally Posted by Yukon
well........ are those kazoos?
i want the full length version!
I'm tempted to buy the album, just for that track.
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Sheesh! You all need a little help. Proof that mental health benefits should be included in all medical plans!
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I laughed MFA off!!!!
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Ok 80's music fans (especially metal heads), check this one out: http://www.dokaka.com/media_sounds.html

It is a bunch of hyper Japanese guys doing covers of old tunes totally a-capella. Every sound is made verbally. The best ones in my opinion are Metalica and Iron Maiden (there are many others - Zeppelin, Steely Dan, etc.). It helps if you know the song so you can follow it better. You have to download each song you want to hear.
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