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Atomic Metron B5

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Anyone know where I could get a great deal on a pair of 162 Atomic Metron B5?? Thanks (just a poor skier)
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I dont know anywhere in that area. But good luck, the B5 is an awsome ski.
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This may be a long shot, but.........

Joes Sporting goods in St. Paul always gives great deals on the "sample" skis that they don'g carry.

At Christmas time, they still had the B5 in your size. The samples are new skis, but the shop only gets 1 pair and then decide if they want to carry them or not.

I foget the price, but they were either at Pro form price, or 50% off retail.

Otherwise Maybe E-Bay

Good Luck
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Thanks SKION,

I can't find there number on the web. Do you have. Thanks
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Hmm, a ski that is selling extremely well and is completely sold out from the warehouses in Canada, US,, Asia, Europe? Where to get a deal? Your best bet would be an Atomic ski retailer. Avoid car dealerships, furniture shops, electronics stores, construction suppliers, etc, they won't have them.
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Good luck finding a deal on a brand new, hot, in demand ski that can't even be kept on the shelves.. let us know if you find one
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Sorry Deb,

I was there today and they were gone.

1 week too late.

I know someone who added them to her quiver this year. She instructs and has lots of skis. It is a long shot, but I will check if she is happy with them. If not, I know she would sell.

Again, a long shot. I think people are happy with the B5
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Thanks for trying!!!!
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try april 1 2007
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