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Mouse Pads! Who KNEW!!

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So anyways I've been having a problem with my boots...My ankle rises too much eventhough the rest of the boot feels pretty good.

I get no roll left to right but the occasional ankle rise can be a pain.

Well I listened to the great advice of this forum and considered a few different options to tighten up my boots.. Of course instead of spending money on materials to tighten up my boots I looked around my room...

What did I find! Mousepads!!! They fit securly and snuggly in between my shell and my boot insert...It was amazing...It filled enough space to make it so when I skiied yesterday that my ankle rising problem was decreased about 95%...Yes still could be a tad bit tighter but it did a world or wonder for me! So I found another mouse pad and put it behind my other foot...Unfortunatley this one wasn't as nice of a mouse pad and didn't have the squishy gell inside it...But still it filled some space and had no discomfort..It still made the boot fit alot better.

So here are my tips for selecting the right mousepad...

1. Make sure its square..Circular ones won't sit right.

2. Make sure its thick enough for you and is a gel mouse pad...This doesn't mean one with the gel wrist pad...Just make sure that its squishy like a doctor sholls.

3. Take out your boot. Put the ruff edge/rubbery edge of the pad towards your shell...It will grip your plastic shell perfectly and allow you to push your boot back into the shell without any movement of the pad.

Anyways I know this is really ghetto..But if you don't have the money like me for new boots and you want to try a quick fix. Mousepads is the way to go! BTW can I patten this idea!?!?

Oh yea excuse my spelling I'm notoriously horrible at it.
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Don't you just love computer technology , It's made our lives so much better.
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