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Handicapped Ski Programs in or near Central MA.

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I ran into a wonderful, handicapped couple yesterday. Both are restricted to wheel chairs as the result of accidents in their teen years. One was injured in an automobile accident and the other a ski accident. Before their accidents each was and avid skier. I actually remember skiing with the woman when we were children.

During yesterday's snow storm they brought their son (about 8 y.o.) out to Pine Ridge to learn to Snowboard. He fell in love with it and was on the slope from opening to closing. I got to talking to them in the lodge at one point during the day. The man mentioned how he would love to be able to go back to skiing, particularly in light of their son's love for snowboarding. I told him that I would try to get some information on Handicapped Ski programs close to Central MA for him.

Does anyone know of such programs that would be willing to share the information?

Thanks for any help you may be able to give,
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While I am not 100% certain about my info, I do not know of any (meaning I haven't heard of any, I'm sure there might be some ski schools that have the capability) in MA. However, I would give Maine Handicapped skiing (I think is the name - and I believe they are out of Sunday River) a call, they might know of someone associated with them that might be from the MA area.

Hope it helps.
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Here's some info:
Maine Handicapped Skiing
8 Sundance Lane
Newry, Maine 04261
207-824-0453 fax
E-mail: info@skimhs.org
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There are a bunch in the area

Now this I like, a question I can answer. There are a bunch of Adaptive Ski Schools all through the east. Here are a few websites.

Disabled Sports USA (DS/USA) has a website with links to adaptive sports programs throughout the US. This includes all seasons not just downhill skiing. Look under Chapter Listing.


Another local organization in the Northeast is Ability Plus. You will note that there are several Ability Plus schools listed below. Ability Plus acts as an umbrella organization for their affiliated schools. Ability Plus is also a chapter of DS/USA.


Some Ski Resorts have adaptive ski schools or policies that are not mentioned on their websites. If you are interested in a specific area, give them a call. They might be able to connect you straight with their adaptive program.

Also, it is very smart to call ahead. Most adaptive schools have a limited number of qualified instructors and slots for students. Also, when talking to them, tell them about the disability. A good school wants to know in advance what to expect. Don't expect them to tell you how or what equipment you will be using. That decision can only be properly made by a full evaluation at the school. A first time student will be inside for a bit for evaluation and, if needed, equipment fitting. Sometimes this can be a major part of the first lesson.

Here is a list of some ski programs in the Northeast. (There are a few in Mass.)

1. Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports (VASS) at Pico, VT


2. Waterville Valley, NH

http://www.abilityplus.org/waterville.htm and http://www.waterville.com/info/winter/adaptive.asp

3. White Mountain Adaptive Snowsports School (WMASS) at Loon Mountain, NH


4. Bretton Woods, NH

http://www.abilityplus.org/brettonwoods.htm and http://www.brettonwoods.com/alpineski/?edit_id=87

5. Mount Snow, VT

http://www.abilityplus.org/mountsnow.htm and http://www.mountsnow.com/adaptiveclinics.html

6. Attatash Bear Peak, NH

http://www.abilityplus.org/attitash.htm and http://www.attitash.com/adaptiveprogram.html

7. Gunstock, NH

http://www.abilityplus.org/gunstock.htm and http://www.gunstock.com/frames_index.cfm (look under ski and ride for the adaptive page)

8. Stowe, VT

http://www.abilityplus.org/stowe.htm and http://www.stowe.com/lessons/adaptive.php

9. Wachusett Valley, MA

http://www.abilityplus.org/wachusett.htm and http://www.wachusett.com/lessons/adaptive/

10. Nashoba Valley, MA


Just let your friends know, if you have the will to ski, you can ski. It doesn't matter how involved you think your disability is. Adaptive Ski Schools focus on ABILITIES, not disabilities. It may take some time to figure it out, but anyone can slide on the snow, in control, and have a blast.
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Jiminy Peak has a large Adaptive Program.
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Loon's adaptive program in Lincoln NH can be reached at 603-745-6281
Ext. 5663 and speak with Doug, our administrator or Geoff, our ski coordinatior. By the way Geoff is an expert level III mono-skier, who's also on the PSIA Eastern Development Team.

You, your wife, and son can ski/ board together if you like. We encourage families to ski together as much as possible. We have and extensive sit down program (Mono & Bi-skis) for participants with spinal cord injuries.

Best of luck and we look forward to seeing you at Loon----The Loonies.

whtmt & Mackenzie 911
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Actually, I am not handicapped, it is a couple I met.

Thanks for all of the GREAT information guys! I will pass it on!

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Another spot is http://www.bromleyoutingclub.com/bart/bart.html at Bromley Mountain. Good Luck.
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Wachusett has a great Adaptive program. That may be closest for them.
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Vermont has a program that if you contact a ski area enough in advance, they will get the necessary equipment and instructor to that ski area.

In NY, Windham is wonderful(south of Albany)
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Rick Patrick runs the adaptive program at Wachusett and he's a great guy and a great snow coach.

If this couple wants to travel to some farther resorts then I'd say go to Waterville Valley or Loon. They have absolutely great programs!

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