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Another "which ski" thread

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Hi, I posted earlier with a question about the 412 bindings vs the 614 bindings for the sx9, but after reading more of forums on this site and looking at some of the stuff on teaching/level, I'm not sure if this would be the right ski for me, so:

a) I think i'm about level 6 - 7, I can get down pretty much any groomed/powder blue and easy blacks - ice and heavy crud is my main weakness

b) I've currently got a pair of head monster im70s from a few years back that i'm comfortable on - i'm not really pushing the limits of the ski, but at the same time, they're not frustrating me. I do however find that on piste they (or maybe me ) are lacking something which leads me to:

c) I'm looking for something for mainly on piste which is why i was thinking of the sx9s - i would pretty much retire the im70s and use those for club fields.

so if any comments on the appropriateness of the sx9s or suggest other skis, it would be very much appreciated
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gebbers, why not consider some of the other "all mountain" skis that are favorites on here (depending on your personal bias), including the Fischer RX8 or RX6, the Atomic Metron series (the b5 or M:10), the Elan S10 Fusion, and the Volkl 5* or 6*? Many others, too. Where do you usually ski? What size are you? Will you be able to demo first?
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ssh: thanks for the quick reply
I'm about 6' 2 (184 cm) and normally ski in new zealand. Based on what i've read, I'm worried that the Volkl 5*/6* would be too much ski and i haven't seen any place that sells elan in australia (sydney). I'm going to japan for two weeks shortly, and part of the reason for this thread is to keep my eye out to demo any skis that are suggested.
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i forgot to mention that i'm about 100kg
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Originally Posted by gebbers
i forgot to mention that i'm about 100kg
At that weight, I don't think that the 5* or 6* would be too much ski. Definitely worth a demo. The b5 is amazingly versatile, too, especially if you're athletic/strong. In Japan, you may find some skis we've never seen over here, too...
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another "go demo" reply. :
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ok, back from japan and I managed to demo a few skis - of course they
don't happen to coincide with the skis available locally in australia
so I'm going to post what I thought of them and hopefully be able to
get suggestions for the non demoed skis.

skis tried:

Stockl stormrider - liked this one, especially off trail but found it
too cumbersome for carve turns and overall preferred the monster im70s
that i have

dynastar omecarve 10 - this would be my favourite, felt smooth,
responsive and went where i wanted.

blizzard x cross - i found this to be nicer than the omecarve for
bumps, but didn't have the same energy.

Additionally, my gf's im70s decided to delaminate, so she demoed some
and is thinking of buying some at the same time i do. She's an
intermediate skier mostly on trail groomed runs with a bit of crud
(especially in new zealand). she tried:

k2 public enemy - she found these very 'supportive' - she was doing
much wider turns than normal but found them forgiving overall the
favourite of the ones she tried

dynastar 63 (the junior ones because she's short) - found these too
'flimsy' and couldn't wait to get off them

dynastar omecarve 10 - too powerful coming out of the turns, she could
ski them but found them frustrating

her current im70s - likes to ski them, but finds them too heavy/too
much effort by about 2 oclock

skis i'm considering:
volkl 5* - current probably but slightly worried about it being too stiff
ax2 724
sx9 (although not as much anymore)
C9 - although only available in a 180 and it's about the same price as the 5*

for her (about 45 - 50kg (i don't know exactly ) and about 160cm tall) :
rossignol saphir fun2 or snow 1 - not sure about these skis and can't find much on the web - are these beginner level skis?
elan 444
fischer rx6
atomic sx 7
volkl energy 320 gamma

any suggestions at all on the pros/cons of various skis would be immensely appreciated.

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it sounds like you would benefit more from some instruction and not from some different equipment. the Head iM 70 is a plenty powerful ski and you're not going to be beyond it at level 7 or level 8 even.

a Level 7 skier would not likely be able to get much -- if anything -- out of a Stockli Laser or Stormrider. I know this from experience in trying skis when I was a less skilled skier. it's pretty easy to assume the ski is where the problem lies, when it's usually the skier.
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gonzo: i agree, the main problem is with the im70s is that they're falling apart (delam on both sides of both skis) - which is why i'm looking to get something to replace it (at about the same level) now, during the australian summer (with appropriate discounts).
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