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your thoughts please

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arite so i've been researchin a lot and I've come up w/ a bunch of skis. I'm lookin for ski that will do well in fairly deep powder, run over any crud, ski bumps really well, but also something that does well at higher speeds. Here's the list gimme your thoughts:

Fischer BIg Stix 7.6 & 7.2
Volkl 7 24 EXP
Rossignol B2
Salomon 10 Pilot Xtra Hot
K2 Apache Recon
Dynastar Legend 8000

also if u have any other suggestions I deffinitely open to any.
Thanks for the help
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mcl116, no Atomics on your list? Seems like you'd want a Metron or two on there (b5, M:11, M:10). Nice list, though...
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i looked at the atomics I had the M:ex on my list for a lil possibly some other but i don't remember... when i looked into them more and read reviews it seemed like they just weren't what I was looking for - - I thnk it was that they weren't good for moguls or they didn't have a wide enough waist for powder and crud but unless any1 tells me differently than I'll deff look into them again.
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I had a great time skiing on the volkl 724 exp. in some crud for two days. In those conditions it was one of the better skis I've ever been on. Not sure how they handle the bumps, but for running over crud at high speeds, they were great.
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I was on the Atomic B5 for a day in all conditions. Skied like a hummer. You need to work them. The Volkl exp were also very good. Have you tried the 6 or 5 star.
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Well, the b5 and M:11 are 76mm under foot. The M:EX is 94. I think that they ski bumps well, especially because you ski them shorter than most others (typically 162), but they are not a ski for feet together, zipper-line technique (the sidecut is too extreme). Worth trying, I think. They are heavy under foot, though (especially the b5), so if you use any lifting in your technique, they'll tire you... But, that gives you a reason to learn a more modern technique!
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Stick with the 724 Pros, the rock. Stable at speed, 77 is wide enough to provide good float in anything up to 12 inches. Basically one of the best skis ever made.
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