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Rehab advice: Left knee MCL-Grade 2 Tear - Page 2

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Me too

My MCL tear was the same story. I (then almost 40) was in a semi-private all day lesson where everyone else was 16 and wanted to ski trees in heavy new snow. It was the beginning of the season, I was on a pair of demo skis--the heavy steel ones (I forget the brand--it wasn't Vokl, but somehow "V" sticks in my mind) which they didn't have in my size (which ego probably had asked for 5-10 cm too long to begin with--that was early in the whole shaped ski revolution when size mattered) so the skis were at least 10-20 cm too long.

After a few hours, my legs were completely thrashed, and I had concluded that at the end of the current run, I was going to quit, and let the rest of them finish the lesson without me (my lesson already having included crash, hunt for ski). I was ten yards from the cat track at the end of the trees (safety) when I crashed.

I still get intermittent knee pain eight years later.

New theory: (1) when your body says stop, sometimes you need to listen instead of negotiate (this isn't situps); (2) injury ski wrecks are like the post-mortem on plane crashes--several contributing factors go wrong, and then add fatigue and challenging conditions and boom; (3) when you're tired, ski something easy. That's why the resorts are using our ticket money on all those grooming machines.
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I have to say the same kind of poor judgement is what caused my MCL tear also. I was out wakeboarding and was bound and determined to land a new trick. Problem was everyone else could see I was just too tired to get it anymore and said lets go home. Being the type that I am I of course had to push for "one more try" and thats when it went bad. I think one of the most important things I am going to take away from reading this thread is that when your too tired pack it up and ski another day.
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the grade 2 mcl tear i incurred last early march has yet to fully heal. my barometer at this point is how close to 100% weight-bearing (my weight) flexion (thimnk full squat position) i can manage before that little twinge gets activated, telling me that's the pushing point.
right now...about 97%.

i'm gue4ssing maybe another couple months, give or take, bringing it to arounbd a full 12 months of healing.

i skied two months after the injury - not the smartest thiung to do - anbd escaped without further punishment.

rehab has involved bike time and weights, though i think i might've been better off resting the ligament/joint much more than i did (more thsan i was able) immediately after the incident.

cold, damp weather will remind me i have a left knee.

ands still, if i let the ligament get stretched too much when i',m sleeping in a positioin that aloo allows for that - sorry for the typos, my edit feature seems to have evapotrayted - it will wake me up. not with the OUCH YIKES YEEESH sensation i experienced early into it, but with a gentle tugging that reminds me it ain't all the way back yet.
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My November MCL injury was assessed as being a low grade 2. My doctor referred me to a physiotherapist that she thought was the best knee person in the city. Three weeks of physio and exercises (including pool work, and stationary bicycle) and he greenlighted me to ski with a rental brace. I went out four times (taking it very easy on the hill) then took a two week break in Florida for Christmas. When I came back in January I picked up a cheap knee support (basically the same as taping it up) and I've been wearing it ever since. It's only been the last week that I've started doing black runs with confidence, but the knee seems to be in good shape. In fact on Thursday I had a pretty dramatic fall (yard sale) with a pre-release as I turned from a black into a blue. I hit my knee pretty hard, but no problems whatsoever there. On the other hand I now have a case of "skier's thumb" according to the first aid guy at the resort's infirmary, which is playing heck with my pole plants.

Glad to hear you cancelled the BC trip. Risk assessment is always important to do whether you're inbounds or out.
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MCL Rehab: Cautiously Aggressive Is Best

Originally Posted by gnjantzie
Glad to hear you cancelled the BC trip. Risk assessment is always important to do whether you're inbounds or out.
I did ski Jackson and Targhee recently, with begrudging approval of my Phys. Therapists and slightly against the wishes of my Ortho. :

It went great. Every morning, I stretched and taped the knee in a pattern recommended by the therapists. Then I wore the Donjoy brace over that, then more tape. I took it easy, stayed off the real grunge and had a great time.

One thing I have learned from this MCL tear is that aggressive rehab will get you back with full range of motion and strength. My first doc said put it in a brace for 6 weeks and only do isometric exercises. My second doc had me out of the brace in 2 weeks and doing proprioceptic and strength work right after that.

Always get a second opinion. Most health plans will cover it.
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Late on this thread, but I tore my MCL back when playing football in high school about 7 years ago. I believe I was sidelined for 6 weeks. I had to wear a rubber/neoprene brace with straps the entire time.

As for rehabbing, I don't recall doing anything in particular for it. I was just told to not to do anything strenuous or anything involving a lot of movement and pressure on my knee. But then again, it was just a slight tear, and I have no idea what grade it was. You might want to look into doing rehab in water....but of course, consult with your doc first.
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And once you are fully recovered, you might want to consider doing some serious pliometric training to strengthen your lower body more than you could ever imagined.
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