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Let's Talk Bindings.....

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I demo'ed a pair of Elan SLX world cup slalom skis this past weekend and was blown away by their performance. It has been a long time since I had that much fun on a pair of skis, let alone stayed out all day long skipping lunch in the process (rare for me!). Anyway, I am now convinced that a slalom ski is the exact type of ski I have been looking for, lively and super fun everyone on the mountain (Snowshoe, WV). I have been dreaming about the ski ever since, now I am entertaining thoughts of just biting the bullet and getting a pair.

Anyways, I started thinking about bindings yesterday and what I would/could get. My volants are mounted up with a pair of salomon s912's, which I have no complaints with other than they make for a heavy ski when combined with my volants. Other than the salomon's I have been looking at the Look P12 Lifter, Rossignol Power 120 t-plate s alu, and the Marker Comp 1400 piston control. Out of these bindings, all of which I can get good deals on via the on-mountain reps, what would you choose and why?

I am not very picky when it comes down to things and I am not partial to any one manufacturer. I know they are all great bindings, but which is better? I just want a high quality binding that is a good match for the Elan SLX skis.
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Every binding on the market has it's fans, but...
I have heard no complaints about Look/Rossi (same binding different badge), and few complaints about Salomon.

With Look and Rossi, folks seem to consistently use their correct DIN or lower with no problems... with other bindings, some people have better luck than others.

The salomon's happen to be the lightest on the market (especially the ti version), and the looks happen to be the best priced. I'm pretty sure you'll be quite happy with either.
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I ski on the Rossi's mounted on Volkl G4s. I have nothing but good things to say about them.

I ski agressively and never had them pop off unexpectedly or stay on when they shouldn't. Best binding to get back on in deep powder.
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I really like the minimalist approach of the rossi/look bindings. I have never heard bad things about them, but I also have never had the opportunity to demo them myself. A few of the ski school guys use them up here, but I rarely have a chance to talk with them at length about anything. I've read up quite a bit on Rossi's website about their axial line of bindings, which is basically what sparked my interest. Do the rossi/look bindings allow the ski to flex more naturally than say a salomon s912 ti does?

I liked the markers that were mounted on the Elan's right up until that point that my toe released from the binding on a partularly easy section of the trail. It was a little choppy from all the day skiers and I was hauling pretty good trying to rail a turn, suddenly the right ski just came off and I was sliding on my hip. That incident didn't really make sense to me, as the bindings were set up properly and the din was at 8 (which I stuck with for this season after ankle surgery in early dec.). My salomon's have never released like that in any situation. I later learned that it is a common thing with Markers, or so the demo shop guru's told me.

I guess it's basically going to come down to what price I can get either binding for, whoever has the best price for prodeal is going to get my order.

Thanks for the insight guys!
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Originally posted by Knuck:
I ski on the Rossi's mounted on Volkl G4s. I have nothing but good things to say about them.

I ski agressively and never had them pop off unexpectedly or stay on when they shouldn't. Best binding to get back on in deep powder.
This nails it.

I have four pair of skis in my active quiver.

Volkl G4 - Rossignol 120 (MaxPlate)
Salomon 1080 - Rossignol 120 (MaxPlate)
Dynastar SkiCross - Look P12 (T-Plate)
Volkl Explosive - Look P12 (no lift)

I'm a huge fan of the Look/Rossi design, works great, no complaints. What I look for in a binder is to not have to think about it, these bindings fit that bill.
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I really think binding preferences have more to do with skiing style then anything else. Look/Rossi and Salomon bindings are better at absorbing shocks then the Marker design because they allow the boot to travel farther away from centered. Markers get a bad rap because their philosophy is that if you aren't centered on your ski then you shouldn't be on the ski at all. I've had markers for years and have never had any pre release problems with them. My guess is that even though I like to ski agressively, I like to be smooth as well. Therefore I have a pair of marker 1300 glide control bindings on my Volkl G3's. However I have a pair of Salomon s912 bindings on my V-Explosives because I ski more cut up crud and powder with those skis and need to have a binding that will stay on in choppier conditions.
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If you watch the forums often you probably already know that i love Elan SLX's and actually own three different pairs of them. On two pairs of them i have a Salomon Poweraxe Race SL plate with S914 RAMP+ lifters with raised toes in order to get more foreward pressure. On the other pair i have a lifted Salomon Poweraxe Energy plate and s912ti bindings (this setup has lifters inserted under the toe and heel of the plate, with a space in the center to allow the plate to flex naturally). Each of these setups has around a 55mm stand height, with the latter one being slightly lower than the first setup mentioned. I have also skied the SLX with the Marker piston plate and the marker binding that sits on that and also has a DIN to 14 (comp 1400??). I think that the salomon setups that i use give me a better feel for the ski. The piston dampened the ski a lot, which i dont like as much for slalom. If youa re going to buy an ELan SLX i would also buy the VIST plate that Elan offers to go on the ski. The only reason that i didnt use the VIST is because im not very heavy and i was worried about being able to bend it - and i had poweraxe race sl plates up my wazoo...

With that being said, i would get the 16mm VIST plate for the SLX. On top of that i would mount either a Salomon s912ti AXE+ or a regular S912ti, depending on how much lift you want. If youre willing, i would go as high up as you dare because those skis will let you carve angles like never before. This will be a very light setup on the ski, and an absolute blast to ski on.



If you want more info on the VIST plates see if you can get ahold of +mike+ through the forum here. He also races on SLX T's and i believe has done some modification to the plate to make it softer.
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Another vote for Look/Rossi. My only wish is that they would come out with a decent height free-flex plate like the maxflex II of a couple of years ago. The current maxplate is actually a 2 piece lifter disguised to look like a plate. But then Dynastar/Rossi are building free-flex plates into most of their top skinny skis anyway.

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