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Stevens Pass?

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Anyone been to, or know Stevens Pass?
Just wondering cause I met a family of instructors from there.
They were vacationing in Lauterbrunnen at the same time as me.
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I ski at Stevens at least one time per week. You can get all info about the place from there: http://www.stevenspass.com
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My home mountain as well. It is a good place to ski. Very close to Seattle. Day use only. We usually ski there once a week - although this year has been a snow disaster. I'll ski there this week for the first time this season. My season pass may not prove to be such a good investment this time around...

Usually they have great night skiing. However, my kids' ski bus was cancelled last night as the resort felt they did not have adequate coverage for night skiing.
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Stevens has quite a bit of variety. There is terrain for everyone in your party. The beginner lift is a bit of a restriction, however, being slow and having very long lines much of the time. I've skied there since 1963 and seen quite a few changes.

While I don't call it my home mountain any more because I live closer to Mt. Baker, I ski there quite a bit. I have a family cabin near there and I get a midweek season pass. Very crowded on ski school weekends (January and February).
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My favorite day resort trip from Seattle for years. Fun terrain.
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