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Pocket Rocket size for tele girl

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I just won my wife a pair of Pocket Rockets in a contest and I'm wondering what size to get her. She wants to set them up for tele (don't ask me why) but we're not sure if she should get the 165 or 175. I personally have the 185's with a Freeride and I love em. She about 5'8'' and 130lbs and a solid skier but she's been doing a bit of tele lately and seems to be bitten by that bug. Personally I'd love her to mount the new Freerides that I got her for Christmas but they're her skis. I guess she could put them on her X Screams. Any advice or comments would be great.

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Pocket Rockets are Fine for Tele But Better with the Freerides

I purchased a pair of 165 Pocket Rockets three years ago and mounted them with Fritschi Freeride bindings. I am 5'5 and 125 lbs. I am an aggressive alpine skier and these are by far the best and most fun skis I have ever owned and the ones I use most frequently - other skis in my quiver include Volkl 6* and a pair of Volkl V-Pros. They are great in nearly all conditions with the exception of boiler plate and because of this I often refer to them as my "superhero" skis. I am also an experienced telemark skier and although the Rockets would make a decent pair of tele boards, I would recommend you convince your wife to keep the Rockets for alpine skiing and mount them with the Freerides. I would also recommend you exchange the 175 for a 165 cm to increase the "fun" factor. I have a girlfriend who is 5'10 and 125 lbs who is a good skier and just purchased the same set up as I have and LOVES it. Finally, if you wife is just getting into telemark skiing, I suggest she demo some of the new women's specific telemark boards such as the K2 Dawn Patrol or the Black Diamond Mystic. Both are great skis to learn on but also have the ability to arc at higher speeds as well.
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Uh uh, they're good for tele too ...just watch the mount point.

I had a pair of 185s for a couple of seasons as a tele ski ...all my skis are. I loved them for fresh days on terrain. Definitely the 165s for your partner. I skied my brothers 175s and thought they were better for all around but still rocking in the terrain with fluff and mank. I'm 6' 160 dripping on the bathroom floor. Of course a ski doesn't know how tall you are ...just how heavy.

There's a thing about these skis. Check out the boot center mark and then find the sweet spot (read narrowest part of ski.) Yeah, the boot mark is about 4 cm fore of the sweet spot. Why? Because they work better that way riding switch if you mount them forward. Remember, these are intended to be park and pipe skis. They're really not intended to be powder skis much less tele skis. But they work great as such.

If you stick with the boot center mark, then you'll find yourself going over the handle bars with the free heel when you hit some variable even though you're nice and centered.

There's a formula to get the mount over the sweet spot. Email me (not PM) and I'll dig it up. Or just call Bishop Bomber bindings in Silverthorne ...they came up with the formula. I suggest this for the alpine binding set up too if you're not into park and pipe shenanigans. Fun word, huh?

Speaking of fun... quoteable: The thing about trouble is that it always starts as fun.
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