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skiing utah feb 16- 20

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A friend and I are travelling back to Utah for the third time this feb.
we both normally ski whistler (i'm ex patrol ) he runs the kids camp at a local north shore mountain. both pretty much experts and game. i have nothing but good things to say about utahs skiing both people and places.
plan on skiing the bird, alta solitude and perhaps powder mnt.
we both enjoy steep and deep, just no cliffs (wife would only be too happy to collect life ins). dont mind ducking the ropes as both have avalanche gear and training. will be staying in midvale at the homestead suites.
any inside info would be much apprecited and would gladly be reciprocated if up our way. fyi skiied whistler on the 29th, it needs snow bad pretty rocky in some of the out of the way places i like to go. best lines were had hiking to flute going off the backside (under rope). crappy part was that singing pass not yet trekkable for out so a nasty hike back to in bounds. oh well did i say nice lines sure earned my turns that day!! its all good

any info appreciated with thanks and regards
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since you are looking for steeps and i asume inbounds steeps Rather then Powder Mountain I would go to Snowbasin there are plenty of inbounds lift served and hike to steeps,chutes, trees, you name it at SB. Many can be scoped out before you do the hike. Othere are more hidden and to be honest since that isn't a mountain I know all that well yet I'm not in on all her secrets. Powder mountain is a really fun place hitching a ride out on the ridge, skiing down to the road and being taken back in an old school bus is fun. yet PM isn't known for real steeps. It is fun for deep powder and a great place to find out what Powder is all about, Just not what an extremeskier would really seek out. If you like Snowbird and Alta, You will also find some fun playgrounds at Snowbasin. Happy hunting. Now i have to finish my Oatmeal and get out there and ski.
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