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Atomic M:X vs M:XI

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Just wanting to know the major differences in these skis? I've skied the M:X and liked them alot, but they only had the 171 & the sizing guide showed the 178 would be right for me. I would like to ski the M:XI in the 172, but nowhere that we go has them to demo. So can anyone describe any differences in the way they ski? I know the dimensions are a little different and I've seen on here the discussions of XI vs B5, I think the B5 is more ski than I need for my skier level (upper intermediate or so), but with my size I still tend to need a higher end ski... Ht 6'2" wt 270ish lol.... (think linebacker on skis, scary : )... Ski weight doesn't really bother me and I can usually flex anything I stand on, but my technique is such that I still need something that won't punish me for bad form and with all the skis I've been on I like a wider waisted ski's, I have a pair of old K2 Enemies and really like them, but it is time for newer stuff.

Thanks for any info you have....
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mikal97zj, welcome to EpicSki! The M:10 is a better ski for your level, I think; the M:11 is more demanding (it has the same footprint as the b5, just without the beta5 construction). The M:10 will forgive errors and allow you to skid a bit more easily, I think.
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I can't quite agree with the above. I find the X to be a pretty beefy ski and a little stiffer up front than the XI. I actually think it is a more demanding ski than the IX. I've skied the 171 and 178 and found the longer to be a lot of ski for me. 5'10' 185. I actually felt by times that I wasn't pressing the middle of the ski through the arc at one point. I also found I couldn't break the tails when I tried to spray snow up at a guy hanging too tight to the back of me. It was quite odd really to have the tail that glued to the snow. That goes against the ease of skidding. The 171 was much more manageable for me. Your size should make that a moot point. I really like the X but haven't had it on much off piste or bumps. What I was on wasn't well packed in and the ski tended to punch through so not much of a test.
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Thanks for the info, I do like the colors of the X better and they were by far the best feeling ski I'd been on..... but like I said I didn't have the chance to ski the XI or the X in the sizing chart specified length. I've also not found the 178 length very many places online to order either.... So I'm leaning towards the X in the 171, which is what I skied... Thanks again for the replies....
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