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Rossignol Scratch FS opinions ?

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Anyone tried out the Rossi Scratch FS ?

I'm looking around for off piste skis for my fiance, and came across a pretty good deal on these. They're marketed as park/pipe skis, but the flex, sidecut, and width all hint at being a decent ski for a lighter skier in deeper/ softer snow.

Anyone use these skis as an all-mountain ? Or are they really just for the flippy/ spinny stuff ?

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Scratch FS and Spaceframe 1080

From some of the posts I have seen you may be better off with the Scratch BC which looks like it was designed for what you have in mind.

I would also be interested in other opinions on the Scratch FS.

I recently demo'ed the Salomon Spaceframe 1080 (also a twin tip park ski) on a medium powder day after having read some posts and thinking the same kinds of thoughts as you.

It was good, but not great, in powder, at least at lower speeds. It skiied like a snow shoe floating on top, not sinking in.

On the otherhand, it was the most totally amazing bump ski I have ever been on. With the flexible tails and the twin tips (designed to land the backward) all you had to do was lean back and pop the tips. It was like being spring loaded, the ski would pull you out of anything including crossed tips. And my 40 year old knees were just fine at the end of the day when I am usually hurting after multiple bump runs because the skiis absorbed most of the shock.

It was also an extremely stable platform at low speeds and worked well in narrow chutes because you could walk the edges around into the next turn.

But it could'nt carve worth a schnitz (again, think snow shoes) and was just not fun at high speeds (think wooden snow shoes).

I am guessing that the Scratch FS as a park and pipe ski has similar profile and performance.

By the way, my daughter who is a begining expert (class F plus and advancing rapidly) demo'ed the 1080's as well and just loved them on powder and in the chutes, probably due to the stability factor.

Looking forward to other's thoughts on the Scratch FS and how it stacks up against the 1080 here as I am considering getting a pair of these for the bumps.
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I'll have a report by 1/20 or so after I come back from Quebec City. I just mounted up a pair
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Originally Posted by El Chupacabra
Anyone tried out the Rossi Scratch FS ?

They're marketed as park/pipe skis...
That's because they are and that is all they are trying to be...

Teneighty's are better all-mtn. skis, but there are much better 80-mm waisted skis for what you have in mind. The FS is springy and light, which amounts to loss of tracking and deflection in heavier off-piste conditions. If you are thinking Tahoe, I look for something a bit stiffer, but in the appropriate length. You will hear lots of folks say "my twins ski all-mtn. really well!" I would limit that comment to skis like the K2 PE, Sallie 1080, and maybe the Dynastar TM. most of the other park offerings lack, IMO.
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Go with the BC not the FS

I wrote a breif review of the Rossi Scratch BC the other day (I believe the thread was "Which Powder Day Ski?"). If you're looking for an off piste, deep snow, specialty ski for your fiance, go with the BC, not the FS. The FS is better as a park/bump/hard pack ski than the BC, but not so much so that I'd purchase it over the BC.

I just purchased the BC's, after 2 days demo'ing them, and am thrilled with their performance so far. They are simply one of the quickest fat skis on the market and their ability to float is only outshined by their maneuverability in the deepest of the deep. Thus, it's more than worth the additional $150-199.
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Thanks for the feedback guys -- I'll look forward to xdog's report too, but it's sounding like the FS is not really what she's looking for.
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Anybody Bumped These?

At the risk of seeming redundant, we reiterate. Anyone used these for bumps only? And the verdict?
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FS good, PR better

I have skied both the Rossi FS & BC, and the Salomon Pocket Rocket, in all conditions. The FS is a friendly all-mountain ski, maybe not wide enough for powder. The BC is a solid, capable powder ski, but if you want a ski that will surf the powder & not hold you back on the groomed, IMO you should go with the Pocket Rocket. Your lady should definitely demo the PR. It's soft, forgiving and light feeling for such a wide ski (90mm under the boot, 120 at the tip) I think the average woman could handle it in 165 or 175 length. She would probably find the BC to be too much ski. I find most Rossi skis require an extended "get-to-know-you" period, where Salomons usually feel great at first ride.
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I would disagree with the extended get to know you period statement. Most Rossignols are the most user friendly skis made. They are damp and very quite underfoot, stable in crud and hardpack and require very little input from the skier.

I have skied both the B.C. and the P.R. and both are comparable as far as being good all round powder skis that perform well on the groomed. You would be happy with ether. What I liked a bit more about the B.C. was, it didn't chatter at speed. What it boils down to is personal feel and likes. Buy whichever one you can get a better deal. That would be my suggestion
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Good point, Lars. I take that one back. I am hereby forced to admit that the Scratch FS and Bandit X are very user friendly and are on my list of favourite skis. Rossi makes some great skis. I'm not quite sure why, but I had a tough getting comfortable on the B2, B3, and the Scratch BC when I demoed them. You know right away if the ski matches your skiing style. It all comes down to personal taste. Of course, the unbreakable golden rule is to demo the boards before laying down the cash. That's how I ended up on the PR's. One ride and I was hooked!
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how much stiffer is the PR then the 1080? it has titanium topsheet?
which one is better on piste?
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