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What to buy?????

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Heres my story : I'm 44yo 5'11 ,180# Grew up skiing at Squaw Valley but for the last 15 yrs have lived in Upstate NY , I got bored skiing out here so added Snowboarding to th pic. The last skis I bought were Rossi 9S 201 cm ....great ski but time to move on . I want a top end ski , quick turning , stable at high bombing speeds , and tolerable in occasional bumps.....
I'm leaning towards Volkl Supersport 5 *, 175cm or ....168s( hard for me to think about something that short).
If so do I get this PCOS system for the bindings..

Am open to other suggestions.
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A lot of people on this board like the Fscher Rx8 and Rx9 ans well as the Head IM Monsters.

I have the Rx6 (intermediate ski) and eally like it alot. It has nice edge hold and is a great all-around intermediate ski, I would imageint the Rx8 would be that much more. My old skis, Head c100's were a half step better than rentals, so I wouldn't dare to compare these with the monsters.

Just trying to give you more options.

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I recently took the K2 Apache crossfires out for a weekend demo. The crossfires were a real nice ski, very quick edge to edge and nice for short to mid radius turns. I skiied on groomed to cruddy conditions and the skis handeled it all very well. The only drawback was the ski didn't want to make a large GS type turn with out a lot of effort. I know that the Apache line of skis is getting a lot of good reviews.

I'm 6'4 215 and I am skiing on 174s. you'll get use to the shortness real fast
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Welcome to EpicSki, GREBNET! You didn't say where you would be skiing these new skis, and what kind of conditions they'll be in. I'm one of those that Scott K mentions who really loves the RX8 (and the RX9, too). For the Volkl, if you like the 5*, I'd recommend you consider moving up to the 6* with the Piston Motion binding. Try the 168, for sure! I'm your age, height, and weight and ski the RX8 in a 165 and the Atomic Metron:b5 in a 162! Back in the pencil ski days, I'd be on a 205 slalom or a 210 GS...
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Thanks SSH
I'm taking a couple trips this yr.. hence the push to get new skiis.. Beavercreek in Feb and Squaw Valley in Mar. In between just skiing in Upstate NY .
I used to be a ski fanatic , but living here has slowed down my enthusiasm for skiing. I've decided its time to travel more for skiing rather than taking trips to warm country during the winter. There is a local Demo day tomorrow ,so I hope to try the 5*,6* and Rx9 , snow conditions will be poor but should get some idea. It seems like sub 175cm is a consensus...
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Definitely 170 or shorter. They recommend skiing the RX9 the same as the RX8, so try them both in a 170 (or even 165). The Volkls you may want to ski in the 168.
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Give the RX8 a try; I liked it at 170 cm. I too have been stuck out east. I'm 15 lbs lighter than you and about 2 inches shorter, but a bit of a speed deamon.

I have also tried last years 9S oversize, which was a little quicker in bumps I thought, but not as smooth as the Fisher. The fisher RX8 is a better high speed ski than the 9S Oversize; it feels more substantial, but not to the point that it really slows you down (ie. it's a katana, not a broadsword). I thought about the RX9, but considering the hills out here, the RX8 can handle any speed your likely to get too, and makes it more fun when you go into the bumps for variety. I ruled out the 9X Oversise because it couldn't carve a tight turn in bumps without me skiding the tail to maintain a tight curve as far as I wanted. My next demos are the Atomic SX11, and Volkl 6/5 *.
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Don't forget the Atomic B5 as a demo. It's supposed to kick ass in a lot of conditions.
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