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RX8 v. Metron v. 5 Star; I need help

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I've seen some great advice floating around on all of these skis, so I was hoping you could all chime in on my dilemma (if you can call it that).

I'm 5'10", 165-168 pounds. I'm a good skier, but not an old pro like a lot of you guys. I spend about 60-70% of my time ripping up medium and long radius carving turns on groomers, and I almost always prefer to be carving turns. However, I also spend a lot of time skiing the steeps, bumps, and chutes, so I like a ski that skids well also. In short, I want a serious carving ski that has good all-mountain capabilities.

I was in Vail last week and tested out the Metron B5. The B5 can carve some wicked turns, but as I've seen other people mention, the ski doesn't skid very well -- it feels grabby in a skidded turn -- so I wasn't crazy about it in the bumps or in the steeps.

I want a ski that carves similarly to the B5, but can still skid smoothly in steep terrain or bumps. My front-runners are the Fischer RX8, the Atomic SX9, the Supersport 5 Star (maybe 6 Star as well), the Salomon Scream 10, and perhaps some of the softer Metrons, like the M11 and M10. I will be in Park City next week and will demo as many these as possible. Please let me know if you have any thoughts on these or other skis in light of what I'm looking for.
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Please also consider the Elan S12 Fusion, in your case in a 160 to 168 cm length. It's a rock-solid carver, stable, breeds confidence, yet skids well too. Compared to the Rx8, the S12 Fusion is more stable, skids better, carves just as well, but the RX8 is an easier short turner. From the description of what you do and what you want, think about and try to demo the Elan S12 Fusion in 168 (or 160).
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I checked out the demo shack at Alta last week- best selection I've ever seen, Atomic Salomon, Dynastar, K2, Fisher, Head, Rossi, what else?-It's 30$ all day for as many as you want, and it's run by the resort, not a shop, so there's no sales pitch or inventory limitation. Also it's at the lift base so you could do laps on Collins lift with a new ski every time if you wanted. Demoing in PC is dicy. You'd best reserve the night before at Jan's or Cole's, and they carry different brands, and can cost as much as $50/day. The demo shack on top is cheaper, but they won't ever have your ski in your length.
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The grabbiness on the b5 could have been the tune. But, that said, I agree with oboe that you should try the S12 (although he and I came away with the opposite winners: I feel that the RX8 is a bit better in those categories). You might also want to try the Nordica SpeedMachine, the K2 Apache CrossFire, and the Dynastar Legend 8000.

What are you doing skidding, anyway? Just feather into a carve! Haven't you been reading all the debates on the technique forum?
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Buy the RX 8. You won't be disappointed.
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I find the B5 excellent in bumps and steeps. In fact I rellay love in the steeps and bumps. Where I found the ski initialy touchy on skidding was on flat easy firm snow terrain. It is a precise ski though, so if you want a ski oriented towards skidding then try either a B11 or B10. Later, RicB.
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Oboe, thanks for the suggestion. I like the look of the S12's, and hopefully I can find a pair to demo.

Mr. Crab, I wish I was going to Alta, but I'm staying ski in / ski out in Park City with a bunch of co-workers. I've reserved several skis over at Stein Eriksen sports in Deer Valley. Now I need to figure out how (and where) I'm going to try them all.

ssh, i know you're a big supporter of the B5, and i may give them another shot given how well they carve. and yes, i am keeping current on the technique debate. i am a big proponent of the modern skiing style, and i think i can carve turns with all but the best of them. however, my technique breaks down a little in bumps and other difficult terrain, and that's why i want a ski that skids ok.

Coach, I hope you're right. I'm certainly leaning toward the RX8.

RicB, you are clearly a better skier than me, but i'm a hard-worker, so if you like the B5 in the bumps, that encourages me to give them another shot.

Thanks all!
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Originally Posted by gkorn

Coach, I hope you're right. I'm certainly leaning toward the RX8.
I'm not saying that the others aren't good skis, just that this one won't disappoint you for sure. It's a fantastic carver, yet will skid. It's stable at speed and overall is the "easiest to ski" high performance ski that I've seen. The one knock that I've heard is that it's stiffness hurts it's performance in large bumps. I couldn't say for sure as it's my lack of ability that henders my performance in large mogul runs. The skis do fine, imo.
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