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Atomix SX9

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I been looking around for skis and came acroos a good deal on sx9's. I posted the other day and really liked the sound of the fis rx 9 but found such a great price on these it is hard to pass up. They are 180 length and somone recomended checking out GS skis so I don't think the size is a big concern. I'm wondering if these ski will be good in the east and for going fast. I'm not really into the trees and moguls unless i have to. I'm 6'1 '210lbs and making my return to skiing after years of snowboarding. I like big turns and a mix of trails.
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ordered them up,319 dollars at Sierra Trading Post,seems like a great deal with bindings.
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i think it is a great deal too, except i ordered the Atomic R-10 at the same price.
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I just got a pair of SX9s a few weeks ago. I caught an awesome deal, a sportings goods store was going out of business, so everything was reduced. I got the SX9s, and the Atomic 412 bindings for $320 plus tax.

I have used them twice so far (East), and so far I am very happy with them. They really do want to go fast, which is nice. I have the 170 length, so they are still quick to turn for tree/mogul skiing. I haven't truely given them a real mogul test yet though, but I suspect they will work out nicely.

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