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ski tuning

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this is born out of an earlier thread...I'm just trying to educate myself...

When you drop your skis off to the shop for a "generic" wax/tune - ie: you don't give them any instructions - what kind of bevel and what kind of wax do you normally get?

Most shops I've encountered never ask what kind of skiier you are (unless of course you are also doing a binding check) or what conditions you'll be skiing on.

Does the shop have to sell your brand ski to know what's best for that ski? Or is a good shop familiar with any and all brands/models even if they don't sell them? (I have Volants)

I've been just dropping my old Rossis off for a generic tune for years and always been satisfied. Should I continue to do the same with my new Volants?
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Most shops that do a generic tuning job will likely put a 0º side edge bevel, and depending if the skis base edge is being sharpened by hand or as result of a base grind the results can vary.

A base grinder (wet sanding; like a wintersteiger) will put aprox a 1º base edge bevel on a ski because the rollers that support the belt are rubber and the ski gets pushed into the belt slightly. If the tech is doing your base edges by hand, then they will probably do them at 0º.
When I was a tech for a while I would usually do 1º base edge either using a bevel sleave (because I find it easier to get a consistenly sharp base edge when using a sleave), or the base grinder, and 0º side edge bevel.

As far as a shop needing to carry your brand of ski to know what suits it best, I would say no. Only because it's not the ski that the bevelling has to suit, it's the skier.

If you have been happy with the tuning you have gotten from the shop in the past, take your new skis there, and you'll continue to be happy with the tuning you receive. [img]smile.gif[/img]


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Your new Volants according to Tognor tool should be set a 1 degree base 1 degree side. I would ask the shop to tune them to that, especialy if you liked the way the skied when new. As far as wax, they most likley use an all temperture type wax for general sking.
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I would go to a smaller shop the specializes in the ski that you are on.

We have a few of the "biggies" in NJ that ... I'd avoid those places. What part of NJ are you in?
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Marta- very good advice here. These guys know their stuff.

At my shop I have the list I got from Tognar, posted where I can refer to it. During a tune I set the ski to vendor specs. unless someone asks for a specific bevel. I personally need to get better at asking the customer if they want a specific bevel, but usually I don't see them. Their stuff is already there when i get to work. I could call them but they usually don't return my call! Sheesh! Sometimes I get a note that "these must be done by..." so I bust my butt getting them done on time, then... they don't pick them up and the skis sit there for days! Anyone run into this?

Marta- there are many good sites but try mine. Let's see if I can do this right...

Bob's Ski Page

You'll find some good stuff there; even how to talk like a skier!
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Yuki- I generally stay away from the big shops too. I'm in Bergen county NJ. I had originally gone to Ski Barn in Paramus since they sell Volants, but I always prefer the personal service of the small shop in Westwood (Mt. Everest). They always do a fine job. I plan to continue to use them even though they don't carry Volant. They said they always use the manufacturer's specs unless otherwise requested.

Thanks everyone for helping me tune in to tuning!
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Mt. Everest probably isn't a bad way to go. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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