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I'm relatively new around here and keep seeing a reference to "TGR."
Only TGR I know is teton gravity research.

Is there another skiier forum that goes by TGR & would someone kindly post the url?

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Yep, TGR is for Teton Gravity Research. You will also hear that forum referred to as the maggots....their self-annointed name for a group of them that started on the Powder Magazine forum. The forum URL is http://www.tetongravity.com/forums/
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Excellent pix Ryan!!!!!!

I always bring my camera with me, usually leave it in my ski locker, and never take pictures. I should do it this weekend. Heading to Vail tonight. They received 3 feet the past 3 days with another 16" predicted by Sunday. Should be a fun drive, but much better now that I have the DVD player for the tykes.
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