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Need good bootfitter in Park City

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Will be there Feb 9-13 and it's time for new boots. Want to do custom footbeds the whole nine yards and want a top notch fitter. Anyone have any recommendations?
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I had a good experience with Scott Dudevoir at Cole Sports at the PCMR base. He's on the EpicSki list of Master Bootfitters. Here's the write up from the master bootfitters thread.

Bootfitter's Name: Scott "Dude" Dudevoir (Store Manager and Lead Bootfitter)
Store Name: Cole Sports
Store Address:1615 Park Avenue, Park City Mountain Resort,
Park City, UT 84060
Phone Number435) 649-4800
Additional Comments: I had a pair of Salomon Verse TF boots, bought in North Carolina, that still hurt after 6 days of skiing and several adjustments. Because of my severe pronation and flat arches, my home shop advised me to get Superfeet Custom footbeds on my trip to Park City. (No one around here makes those.)

First thing in Park City I met with Dude, who I'd contacted previously by phone and email. He spent several hours evaluating my feet and boot fit, trying several other boots, then making my footbeds. He felt the Verse shells were too big for me and determined that the Salomon Evolution 9.0 was the best fit. He suggested I might get them cheaper from the store in NC, have them shipped to Park City where he could get them properly fitted, and he would UPS the old boots back to NC. (I was impressed!)

After skiing a few hours in the Verse TF boots with my new footbeds, I still had pain - and too much movement. I bought the Evolution 9.0 from Dude and made a few runs down Payday that evening... and could not believe the improvement in my skiing control and comfort. The new boots were more comfortable on the first run than the old ones after 6 days of skiing. By the third day in these boots I was wearing them comfortably for 8-10 hours at a time (such as taking the bus to Alta.)

During my two weeks in Park City I was in Cole Sports many times for accessories, tuning and waxing, and for some minor adjustments to the new boots. Dude and the staff were friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and always eager to provide a high level of service. I was greatly pleased with my experiences there and recommend them highly.
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I had a good experience with Brent at Christy Sports in The Silver Lake Village area of Deer Valley. He'll do whatever it takes to get the boots fitting right. Check him out.
Bob [Robscapes]
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Whatever you do, stay away from Surefoot...*shudder*.
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I was a surefoot customer for years but only the store at the base of PCMR. However my resent experiance there has me going else where. I will no longer support Surefoot. giving someone a weeks worth of trianing and the high pressure sale does not make a good bootfitter. Check out jans and or coles. I happen to like the non cork footbeds that Jans offers and at $140.00 they are less then most custom footbeds out there now. I still have a hard time with paying $200.00 for footbeds. the matrials cost can't be more then $10.00 in even the best footbeds.
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