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SureFoot Guarantee not so guaranteed? (was DaleBoot)

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Originally posted by Snowbear:

Please let us know if your wife gets the Surefoot refund etc!
Well, this is going to turn into a work in progress!! How "The guarantee is simply this: if you are ever dissatisfied with any Surefoot product or service, we will repair it, replace it, or refund your money at your discretion" translates into, "send us an email and I'll try my best to get you your refund," I have no idea...

Something tells me a website that goes on to say, "No disclaimers. No fine print." doesn't leave much to the imagination, but it sure looks as though they mean to torture my wife a little bit, first. We shall see.

I'll keep you posted (for sure).
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You already did! That's rediculous, and fits in with some of the negative things we've read here regarding Surefoot!
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Yes keep us posted!!

I want to know that their guarantee IS what it says it is. I am a customer, first visit was awful, return visit was good and the 2nd try at orthotics was very good....but its $200 and we need to know that their guarantee is solid.


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I have delt with surefoot extensively... I have never heard of them not standing behind there guarantee. If you are having a problem, Make sure you call and speak to someone. Either a manager in a store or someone at the corporate office in park city. obviously they will want to try to rectify the problem before refunding your $ (they are trying to run a business after all) but just tell them What YOU want (REFUND). A company like surefoot cannot make such a guarantee and not stand behind it all the way... they would have been out of business years ago. Before Demanding your money back, I would make sure that there is not someone else at surefoot that can help you. all of there managers that I have had the pleasure of dealing with are excellent . Dale boots in my eyes, may fit, but is the oldest most antiquated design out there. Surefoot can make entirely custom boots that are much more proven designs. Make sure that you are well informed about these before making any rash decisions. Otherwise, Just call them up like I said and get you $$back.. Good Luck
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I hear you. If we were going someplace this year where there was a Surefoot, I'd probably encourage that route (giving them another opportunity at perhaps coming up with a better fitting boot). But, my wife is such a fair weather skier -- if it weren't for me we'd take this week in March and be in the tropics or something. Since we bought her Surefoot boots at Keystone several seasons back, and since then added footbeds with further tweaking at Park City two years ago, they have NEVER been comfortable. For whatever reason, they erred on the side of too tight.

She's far from being a trooper about boot pain, let me tell you, and I want to ski every chance I get. It is ebb and flow, tidal gravity, it is ecological balance! If I am to live live to see that perfect world in which there is no war and famine, oppression and brutality -- one vast and ecumenical holding company, for whom all men will work to serve a common profit, in which all men will hold a share of stock, all necessities provided, all anxieties tranquilized, all boredom
amused... my wife must have comfortable boots.

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What is it that you were thinking of returning: the boots AND the footbeds or just the footbeds?

The way I read the guarantee I thought it was just their FOOTBEDS that they guarantee, but correct me if I am wrong!

(I only have their footbeds , which after the second visit now work great and are comfortable in my Salomon XWave 9s. If you want to see some of my expereince with them, go to the "Superfeet" thread...)
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I'm pretty confident all of the above are guaranteed. If anything, we'll likely keep the footbeds.
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Surefoot central just emailed her saying as they're ~5 years old, she'd have to get a pro-rated refund, or get the full amount in a store credit... I'm not sure this is really unreasonable, to tell you the truth, though it does fly in the face of their 100% guarantee. My wife's attitude is she's been into a Surefoot on 3 different occasions over 3 years since their purchase trying to get them right, so it isn't as if after 5 years they're suddenly not fitting her well anymore due to wear and tear.

Well, in any case, I think further resistance is futile and we'll have to go visit the Borg Queen in NYC and see about getting something there, taking advantage of the full amount toward upgrade offer. If things don't work out, she can always get THAT refund next year and go the DaleBoot route then. Or, maybe the NYC Surefoot will save the day.

Anyone know how that NYC Surefoot is, btw?
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coppernyc should be able to tell you who to work with at Surefoot Manhattan--remember that who is really important as seen from other posts on EpicSki.

However, I agree with you. Nothing in their guarantee says, "Prorated." If she doesn't find something that she is convinced will work, I'd say insist on that refund!
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At NYC Surefoot... See dennis or call to make an appointment with Ray Rice. Ray is the regional manager and has been with surefoot since its inception. He works most of the time in killington, but he takes appointment here in the city when he comes down once a month or so. Ray is the best bootfitter I have ever met... and one of the nicest as well.
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I'll give them a call. Looks like next Friday is the only day that will work. I'll give a call and see who's available.

Check your PM.

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Coppernyc, first let me say that I deal with Surefoot here in Park City. I really like their footbeds. For the most part they do a good job of fitting. Like others have said it is important to get a the right person to do that fitting. IMHO Surefoot is a victim of its own success. They grow to fast and as far as I can see not done a good job of training new employees. Many of the sales people who work there may only be there for a season. and they only have two weeks of training. IMHO always ask to work with one of the managers. Surefoot is not a bootmaker. They sell made by others and fit those boots to the customer. On the other hand Dalebboot is a boot maker. Dale is the only custom boot maker in the United States. As far as being "Antiquated" Dale holds countless patens on ski boot design. Most of his designs are used by other larger name brand boots, after his patens run out in 17 years. What you don't get is a lot of whistles and buzzers on his boots. What you do get is a boot that is going to fit be comfortable and work.
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Utah49, I agree that the person doing the job is the most important factor of the fitting process. I have delt with some of there rookie staff before and it is usually very apparent to me that they are new to the job... fortunatly, If you are unhappy with the product that the newbie provided for you, you are not stuck with it. You can have someone else help you out. I agree that there managers are the best that they have (hence them being a manager). It seems to me that the formal bootfitting specific training that every surefoot employee has, is far more then most shops provide to there employees. As well, almost everytime have visited a surefoot, the manager is ALWAYS teaching his employees. Nobody is born with bootfitting skills, so they have to learn one way or another. As for Daleboot, The fact that the design is ancient and they don't have bells and whistles is one thing. As far as I know, they are NOT as custom as you can get from surefoot or any other high-end bootfitter. Dale uses a variety of widths with a standard heat form liner. IMO a boot that has been exactly fitted to your foot through shell mods, a good orthotic and a good FOAM liner is going to be much more custom. You are correct that surefoot does not manufactur a skiboot. They have agreements with certain companys so they can sell a branded surefoot boot (think eddie bauer explorer) Compare the performance of the most recognized boots (lange, atomic, etc) to Daleboot and hopefully you see my point. I have not seen daleboot on the worldcup... So with that information, I would go for the surefoot option. You are getting prooven performance with guaranteed comfort. I do realize that some people don't care how a boot skis if it is comfortable.. for that person, maybe daleboot is a good option.
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The Daleboot is the most custom you can buy. They do everything That any other ski shop boot fitter can do. As well as getting someone who has 30 years or more of bootmaking and fitting experience. Plus a shell and cuff that matches your foot and leg. talk to skiers with clubfoot or missing toes ask them if Daleboot isn't a custom boot. I think the only other true custom boot maker out there is Strulz of Austria. I know a number of skiers That are still able to ski because Daleboot is the only boot that worked for them. They are not for everyone. So Why don't you see Daleboots on world cup skiers? Maybe because They don't pay anyone ski their boots. Besides a world cup skier isn't in anything close to what you and I get in a shop. Like I said Surefoot for the most part does a good job, at least The Park city shop does. I can say that i have been less then impressed with the deer valley shop. I really admire what they have done as a bussiness model. After all they didn't invent insta Print footbeds. nor did they invent their custom liner. The fact is any shop in the country can do what they have done.they put something together and it works. My hat is off to them. My foot fits a Tecnica shell near perfect. I can buy a 25.5 shell and I'm pretty much good to go. I have purchased 3 pair of boots from the Park City store.my orthatics are Surefoot My liners are from Daleboot. Oh and did you know that most of the Name Brand boots out there either Pay a royalty to Daleboot or wait untill one of his patens runs out to use some of his inventions? On that point dale invented the Plastic modren ski boot. Lange used his design. Daleboot sued and after 3 years won his case. He isa small bussiness and has put a lifetime into skiing and ski boots. Do some homework on Daleboot before putting them down.
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