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Breck/Summit county during President's Week

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I planned a trip to Breck during Presidents week from the dates Feb. 19- Feb 26. I didn't realize that it was pres. week when I planned it out. I'm thinking it will be fairly busy and that maybe I should change the dates that I go. But if I do go then, how crowded and what kind of crowd should I expect (young, old, college student, etc...). How crowded will the slopes in summit county be and how crowded the town will be. I am 23 years old and will have my Girlfreind with me along with a Friend and his gf. So we will want to hit up the bars at night and have a fun time, so any bar recomendations is cool. I will be hitting up A-basin, Vail, Winter Park, Breck, and Copper. Any ski recomendations is cool as well, My friend and I are tallented skiers (not trying to brag) and want to hit the back bowls, cliffs, and anything gnarly. I guess any recomendations that you guy have would be appreciated greatly. I don't don't want a pisser of a trip, I don't make a whole lot of money and have been saving for this for a while, so please help me out.

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Where are you staying? There are multiple towns in Summit Co with the main locations for lodging being Keystone, Dillon/Silverthorne, Frisco and Breck.

It will be fairly busy that weekend. A-basin might be the least crowded of the five you plan to ski but there's only two lifts from the base so crowds can get large at the base. My suggestion, if the A-basin looks bad on the day you plan to ski it, is to just keep driving on 6 over the pass and go to Loveland. I can almost guarantee small crowds. It'd be worth the extra $ for tickets, IMO.

Breck and Vail will probably be the most crowded. Get to the lifts early to avoid the longest lines. Once you're up on the hill you should be okay.

I don't usually hit the bars in Summit Co. so I can't help on that one. I did eat at the Dam Brewery once and enjoyed it. The beer wasn't bad either.

Oh, if you're driving through Idaho Springs and want to eat, I recommend Tommyknockers Brewery. Their beer is fantastic but their root beer is the best I've ever tasted.
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Tough to tell on the crowds this year---I don't think the Denver area has the whole week off, just Monday (usually). With the east being is such bad shape this year though you may see an influx of people comming from long distances though.....That is a wild card for this year.

It probably won't be packed like Spring Break and I would expect a family atmosphere as the kids (High School and younger) are off and I believe colleges do not take this break except for Presidents Day (mon). So in short, Pres Weekend will be busy then it should slow down for the rest of the week.

There are a number of recent threads/posts here about restraurants and hangouts---go back a bit---I'm sure you will get all the info you need...............Have Fun !
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Presidents Day weekend is a busy one. I have some nightlife suggestions on my website listed below.
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If just is just the weekend that is busy that's no problem, I'll be in breck all week so there should be some good weekday skiing.
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