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The Skier or the Ski?

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I'm admittedly a gearhead, always anxious to check out the latest technology in ski gear. Looking for that magical ski that will break me through to a new skiing nirvana. After have tried many types of skis over the past few seasons, I can honestly say that having the right gear definitely can help elevate your skiing experience.

On the other hand, I've seen guys on old antiquated straight skis and boots that ski more gracefully than people I've seen on the newest latest gear. Which makes me think that maybe I'm putting too much emphasis on the gear and should be concentrating more on my technique.

But damn, its so much fun to play with the new stuff!
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Wizard your right , the gear is fun to play with and I've got the opertunity to play on new stuff all the time . But it's the rider more than the gear . I ski with a couple Fernie locals that still like old GS stuff, these guys will rip the shit out of any slope and make it look way to easy.
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You can put an average rider on great equipment, but only a great rider can get the best of whatever they ride on. I find now that some skiers are getting lazy (and not improving, even regressing) because they have equipment that although its the latest and greatest, its not the ski for them.

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Yeh, I am also intrigued by the new stuff, but because I need to know what I am skiing on is still good. If I need to replace anything during the season, I already have an idea of what I want to demo or purchase.

But, yes technique is a requirement. Cannot ski or play any sport if you don't know how to use the fancy equipemnt.

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