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Todd - Skis are so versital now, that you really don't need a big quiver. Of course, you might like to have one. I work full time in the industry, instructor trainer, clinician, instructor, shop ski tester, shop geek, Etc... I could really do fine with one pair of skis, but two is nice. Yeah, I lead that life too, and get skis from K2. I could have Axis, Machs, whatever... But I don't need them, and am much happier not switching skis all the time. I have had four new skis during a season, but I really only used two. If the snow/task at hand does change, so does my skiing. During a day at the hill, I may run some gates (not often), give a bump clinic, lap the park once or twice, cruise a few groomers, do some big arcs on the steeps, go OB in funky snow, Etc... Am I going to change skis? No. Do I need to? No. I ski everyday, and I know I don't need more than one or two skis to handle everything. You don't need all those skis, you like having them, and that's ok. But nobody needs all that crap. Simple is good.
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Skis are certainly more versatile, and for the jobs you described I don't see the need to change skis during a day. However if you compete - and/or coach competitors, your opinion on skis tends to be a bit different. You don't see folks using the same ski for both the DH and SL leg of a combined. And for Nastar level competition you might well get away with one pair of skis for SL & GS, but even at the Masters level you better have a pair for each event . . . so thats 4 pairs right there. And though I've spent a lot of time freeskiing on race gear, usually you want to protect the bases and not work that hard all the time so you'll want a pair or two for free-skiing. So we are up to about 6 pairs. Then you start talking about contract requirements to be on new gear every year, 6 a year . . . it add's up.

So simple is good, but again - it depends on what your needs are doesn't it?

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Line Dragons
Line Skogens
Salomon Super Force 3S
Atonic Powder Ride
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the list

In the Wrapper
Salomon AK Rockets 200cm
K2 Jerry Launcher 195cm
K2 Super Stinx (tele) 195cm

In Use
K2 Mod X Pro 195cm - MRR* -Favorite Ski
Atomic 9.22 BR 198cm - Xentrix 412
K2 Morrison 204cm -MRR
Head Cyber Cross Ti 190cm - Tryolia
K2 SG Race 213cm -MRR

Rarely Used
Rossi 9x 9.3 203cm - Rossi Course
K2 Four 198cm -Mrr
Atomic 928 200cm - Ess
Atomic Tour Cap -Silvretta 404

Sitting in the Corner
2 pairs K2 GS Race 208cm - Mrr's
K2 R12 208cm -Mrr
K2 ELC 207cm -Mrr
K2 CVC 207cm -Mrr
Kazama Grand Prix 207cm -Tyrolia
Dynastar V8's w/ Riva 2 (tele)

Unmounted and Trashed
Kneissle White Star SG
Dynastar Omni-Soft

I'll have to look and update later, I know there are more. This does not include the 1/2 dozen pair my wife has.

Ok, I am a total gear whore........

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Atomic 11.20
Atomic 11.16
Atomic 10.20
Atomic 9.20 BR
Hart Outback
Hart Javelin (resurrected version)206cm
I just can't give'em up....

Is there a pattern here.....?
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Am I glad I read this thread! Now I don't feel like such a jerk having more than one pair (or two) of skis.
Mine: Volkl, Igneous and Atomic.
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"02-03 Fischer World Cup SC -(160cm)[On order]
w/Tyrolia Free Flex Plus 8

“01-02 Head Cyber XP100Ti -(177cm)
w/Tyrolia Free Flex Plus 8

“01-02 Rossignol Bandit XX -(184cm)
w/Tyrolia Free Flex Plus 8

“01-02 Volkl P50 F1 energY -(188cm)
w/Marker Titanium 1200 EPS

“00-01 Rossignol T-Power Viper -(174cm)
w/Salomon S912 Poweraxe Energy
‘99-00 Rossignol Bandit XX -(191cm)[Destined to go bye bye....]
w/Marker M9.1 Turbo SC Ti

Shorter skis make my fun meter go up.....considerably! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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-Kastle (synergys)
-Rossi (9.9s)
-Volkl (V31s)
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The active quiver:

Salomon 1080 (177cm) '01 - Rossi MaxPlate 120's (looking back would toss the plates and mount directly to ski)

Dynastar SkiCross 66 (178cm) '02 - Look P12 Spacers

Volkl G4 (188cm) '02 - Rossi MaxPlate 120's (I love this ski)

Volkl Explosives '03 - Look P12 Spacers (ohh baby I cannot wait)

In the still around but rarely used class:

Volkl CrossRangers (190cm) not sure of year - Salomon Drivers ? Thinking about mounting them up AT.

Rossi 7SK (198cm) old - unmounted, waiting to be made into furniture (dchan a little help? )
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rossi viper z
rossi bandit x
fischer big stix 74
fischer big stix 84
2 pair fischer sportglass nordic skis
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Yuki's stuff:

Stockli Spirit Pro
Stockli SC
Stockli AXC
Rossi 9s

Yuki Jr's stuff:

Stockli GS
Stockli SL
Volkl p-30 sl's
Volkl p-40 gs
Rossi 9s
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volkl G4 (188 -- woohoo! can't wait to rawk)

volant powerkarve (183)

rossignol viper z (198)

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Machete McGs
Super Ti
Power Karves
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Atomic 9:20 Beta Race, R:11, 9:18
Dynastar Twin
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In my apartment right now.

In use:

195 '02 X-scream Series w/916 Race stock binding (primary)
170 Volkl P40 SL
'98 197 cm Volkl P30 RC racing *Race stock* (soft) with old school Ti deflex and race stock Salomon 997 drivers 11-17
177 1080's
183 cm AXIOM DP 110 w/997 Driver bindings (full AL topsheet with 110 mm waist, beefy)
Pr 7 Salomon Prolink 3S (1st gen) w/Old MRR's

Litte use (unmounted):

203 Elan R5c's (my old freeskiing ski)
203 Volkl P10 SL's (beeeeefy!)
163 Elan SCX

Beat (but still have):

205 Volk P10 RS Super
190 Rossi 7M

Oh, and I've also managed to get 4 pairs of Flexons this year....weeeeeee!

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Posted by Red Sled: "Oh, and I've also managed to get 4 pairs of Flexons this year....weeeeeee! "
I bought an extra pair of Flexion’s to back up my current pair until Kneissl returns to the US market. I hope that the will return. I bought my extra pair in Japan where the Flexon is very popular. It is last season's electric lime green color.

skis currently still used:
2001 Fischer RC4 WC SC
2000 Fischer RC4 RS w/ Accelerator
2000 Fischer Border-X
1998 Fischer RC4 SL (with a side cut of 85-63-76 it is great traditional slalom ski and still fun).

Last season and this I've promised my self that I will not buy new skis. However, I feel that resolve weakening.

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99' rossi bandit x's
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Rossi Bandit X (184)
Rossi Bandit XX (191)
Sal X-Scream Series (187)
Volkl G4 (188)
Igneous MFC (190)
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Salomon Scream 10 Pilot-Year 2000 model-186cm
I love the flexy, forgiving, versatile feel of the Pilot but the 186 is too long for steep and narrow trails. Great for zooming down big, wide-open groomers.
Elan X-2000-183cm
Perfect C-shaped carved turns all the way down the mountain. You need to work the stiff tail or it will take over.
Head X-60-180cm
Shorter is better on this easy-going, turn-happy carver. Not great in powder.
Dreaming about picking up the Pocket Rocket but will probably settle for an older X-Scream in 179cm. There's just something about Salomons....
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Use regularly:

186 Salomon Supermountains with Marker 9.2 SC Titanium bindings
(soon to be mounted with S900 Propulse Race bindings).
181 Rossi Viper X PPS's with Axial 140 Race bindings.
184 Rossi Mountain Viper X 10.2s with Axial 120 T-Plate bindings.

Use a few times of year:

196 Salomon Equipe Axe Series with S900 Propulse Race bindings
208 Rossi 7XKs with Marker 51 SC Race bindings (great for going straight fast)
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Thought I had a few pairs too many unil I read this thread!

New skis:

Elan Integra 10.0 (168) - something short to rip with along the small slopes in Ontario (who needs stability when your hill only has 800' of vertical)

In Use:

K2 Mod X (181) - my "fun" skis when travelling to a "real hill"

Salomon X-screams - Edition 1 (187) - rock skis - not much life left - 150 days and had edge ripped out at whistler


Volkl Craver Plus (193) - original "ski of the year" when introduced - bent top sheet in some bumps after small dump

K2 extreams (205) skinny sticks

K2 5500 (200) - first pair of skis - now hanging on wall
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The toughest part about putting a quiver together is convincing the wife "non-skier" that more than one pair is necessary

so here goes

1980 ? 195 Fischer C4 catapult (the rock skis)
1989-90 203 Dynastar course sl
1998 188 K2 Black Magic
2000 185 Volkl Vectris
2001 160 Head world cup Ti sl
2000 185 Nordica K9.1 (purchased new this year for $100 Cdn.early 80's Head Racing DH 225's, started speed skiing two years ago

and you wouldn't believe the number of people who think i have a death wish
If you ever want to find out about this sport email me and i'll let you know abot a N.Y. venue and a B.C. (FIS this year)race and how to get into this as an amateur

You gotta love ski swaps!!!
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