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What type of skis do you own?

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I own Dynastars Speed X's. They may be an old model but a great transfer from a everyday skier to someone (like me) who just started racing late last season.

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I ski on Heads

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Most of them.
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French (Salomon, Dynastar & Rossignols)
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I skied on Head cybers but this year, I am upgrading to Atomic 9.18 women's with integrated binding and a low profile, 160. I am going to ROCK on the slopes this season!!
Lisa :
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rossis, atomics
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Atomic BetaRide 9.22 '99-'00 model (the red ones)
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Fischer Slalom and GS models. * * * (One Big Grin for each Pair).

*= semi-retired.
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Ok - more serious answer--

Skis that are still just 1-4 years old and in great shape:

3 Pair Dynastar
2 Pair Rossignol
4 Pair Elan
1 Pair Fischer
1 Pair Atomic

Skis that are still in good shape:

2 Pair Dynastar
1 Pair Elan
1 Pair Rossignol
2 Pair Volant
1 Pair K2
1 Pair Hart
1 Pair Tua

Skis that are retired and currently just leaning on the wall outside:

2 Pair Nishizawa
2 Pair Elan
3 Pair K2
2 Pair Dynastar
1 Pair Head
1 Pair Atomic
1 Pair Fischer
1 Pair Hart

I think thats it, lots of misc parts laying around.
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and Epics
looking for some Chubbs
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Volkl P50 F1 & SL
Rossignol 9S 9.9
Atomic ARC SG(don't get to ski these too much).

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Salomons: Crossmax 10 Pilot, AK Rocket, X-Scream Series.
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I've skied for Elan for 20 years. Currently I'm on SCX RP and HCX. I have a new pair of GS ordered.
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Holy crap Todd,, just how many ski's per year do you buy.
I am on Atomic 9.20 race last years and
last years K2 Mod X.
Thinking about some short sloloms now, maybe Rossy 9s plate or Atomic 9.16 race.
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I tossed all my museum-pieces in the dumpster last year. When I'm done with skis, they normally don't have edges left and the bushings on the bindings have worn out.

The quiver:
Salomon X-Mountain Pr8 - edge sections have been replaced and there are some major square inches of base epoxied and welded back on. My poaching skis for skiing early season eastern 12" over CRUNCH. This was my major summer repair project. It waw my major summer repair project last summer, too.

Salomon X-Scream Series Pr8 - 125+ days on these suckers. Very little life left in them. My firm snow rock skis.

Salomon X-Scream Series 195 - Light use last year... maybe 25 days. I didn't mount 'em 'til Xmas and I was on wider skis much of the winter.

Salomon SuperMountain 194 - Maybe 70 days on them but still going strong. I used them whenever it's ice-free.

Coming: 3 pairs of undrilled 95mm-waisted Volkl Vertigo heli-ski powder skis bought on the cheap for $225 CDN from CMH. 165, 180, and 190. I'm planning to put demo bindings on them.
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Kneissel Ergo CG Plate (175cm)
Atomic BetaCarve 9.14 (170cm) telemark
(And an OLD Vortex Rasta board...)
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Fischers:Alltrax Mtn. X and RC4 World Cup SL.
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Toss skis in the dumpster?! Heathen! [img]smile.gif[/img] The dozens of pairs I *didn't* list are my museum pieces . . . some of those that are special are mounted around our property. Others are cut up and used for fencing, some get sold at yard sales to folks who don't know any better, and some get burned in yearly offerings to Ullr !

Side note - my perspective on how many skis are too many is warped since I used to live at an apartment inside, and helped take care of, the largest private ski collection in the world. The Richard Allen Ski Museum. Really cool display, Richard has moved back up to Aspen now and hopefully he has got another building setup for the museum -- well worth looking the guy up if you like skiing and are in that area ever.

I wrote a humorous article for a magazine some years ago about the experience of living inside the ski museum. If anybody is interested I can email it - or I guess post it here if AC doesn't mind the clutter. I literally was a part of the ski museum: the resident "Ski Bum", and had signs setup next to the big window looking in from the museum into the apartment explaining things like "care and feeding of the Ski Bum" and etc.

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rossi bandit x's
rossi viper z's
rossi 9s's
rossi super 9.9's
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Head Super Cross Ti's in a 190.
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All mountain: Atomic 10.20 180cm.
New this season, Stockli Laser SC 178cm.

I'd like to complete the quiver with a high performance fatty.
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Salomon Xscream series edition one (still my utility every day ski} & Supermountains
Volkl P40 Plats & P40 f1s
1/2 share in Volant t3 power/with demo bindings

thinking about trying; new Volkl motion models, New Dynistars, new Rossi bandits and Salli pocket rockets, although I'm suspicious of the assymetrical flex and the soft tail.. it'll be interesting to try..

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I like to keep it simple. Here is my alpine quiver.

K2 Enemy (2 pairs, one very new, one unmounted both this years) - my main ski
K2 Mod X - don't ski them very often, and will use them as rock skis when the hill opens
K2 Ak Launchers (2 New pairs, not yet mounted) - ski them more than one might think
Between the Enemy, and the AK I think I have skis to do what ever I want. I was considering some Mach S, but they would probably sit around, while I ski my Enemys. I like to sell skis after a season, so I don't build up some collection.
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2002 Stockli Stormrider 184; 2002 Stockli Laser GS 186/Stinflex plate; 1999 Kneissl Ergo 190 for early and late season gravel.
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AK Rockets

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Simple is good - but when you wear a lot of hats in this industry, and do it full time . . . you end up with lots of needs for skis. DH boards, SG skis, GS skis, SL skis, bump skis, powder skis, all-terrain skis, etc. And sponsors *want* you to always be upgrading <sigh> its a tough life but some of us have to do it! :
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