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Fischer BS 8.6 vs Sollie XHot vs Legend

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I recently received my bonus and was given the go ahead to get what I want. (Woohoo) Just need to decide what to buy. Of course looking for the best deal on the best ski, yada yada. So whats the ski in that 85+ waist that loves the trees, chutes and general off piste play?
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All three would fit the bill for what you're looking for. I like both the 8.6 and the Legend 8800 so that's where I'd start. I think they're pretty similar overall. The 8800 is a little softer, a little wider, and a more forgiving ski with a larger sweet spot. Overall, it's an easy, relaxing ride that's also a performer. The 8.6 has a smaller sweet spot, is a little stiffer, and has the upper hand in terms of stability and hard snow performance, IMO.

If you like the 8800, you can save a little money by picking up a pair of either last years Inspired or Bigs since they are basically the same ski except for the graphics.
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Thanks. I didn't realize the 8800 was basically the Big. Kind of funny since the Big was one of my original choices. If going that wide, any reasons not to look at the atomic sugar daddy? or the Little Big Fat.
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Apparently there have been a few generations of Bigs. From at least '02 forward they are identical in shape (89mm waist) and construction as the Inspired and now the 8800. I'm told that prior to that time period, the Bigs were an entirely different ski than they are now.

I have no experience with either the Sugar Daddy or the Little Big Fat. If I was going to go wider I'd look to any number of choices such as K2's Apache Chief, Volkl's Explosiv or Gotma, Rossi B3, or the Nordica Beast. That said, unless you're out West alot, these are overkill, IMO.
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Guess I need to throw the M:ex and maybe even b5 into the mix as well. I'm coming off a pair of 10:ex and loved the ski, just bought too long. These will be a replacement for those.
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I haven't skied either the MEX or the B5. I liked the old R EX though.
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Rider if you liked the Rex why not start looking for some in a shorter ski? The rex was never a great power ski but it is an amasing big mountain ride. i still have a pair in my quiver. Now if you are looking for a pure powder ski for those days of shine deep and better then Sugardaddy is a good bet. i now have K2 ApachE chiefs that are excellent for the really deep. big stick is like it's name then again if you liked the rex then the Fischers will be about the same just lighter with better float then the Rex.
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Thanks. Thats actually what i'm trying to do. I've had my eye out on ebay for a R:ex @ 168, but hard to find. Found a used one, but not sure if I want to bite the bullet on used. I'm also watching some M:ex and will prob decide between those two.
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