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welcome to quebec, ice rules, manners don't, but i have found most of these so-called prestige resorts like stowe and tremblant are filled with pompous self-absorbed posers with little etiquette. i was at tremblant jan 2 and basically it was an inverted hockey rink, my ccm tacks would have been more appropriate.:
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its not a felony

[quote=ssh]1. In Colorado, it's a felony to leave the scene of a collision on a ski slope (same as a hit-and-run with an automobile).


Not to get picky, ssh, but it's not treated as a felony - here's the language from the Colorado ski safety act of 1979 - the offense and fine are listed under (12) - a $300 fine.

"(10) No skier involved in a collision with another skier or person in which an injury results shall leave the vicinity of the collision before giving his name and current address to an employee of the ski area operator or a member of the voluntary ski patrol, except for the purpose of securing aid for a person injured in the collision; in which event the person so leaving the scene of the collision shall give his name and current address as required by this subsection (10) after securing such aid.

(11) No person shall knowingly enter upon public or private lands from an adjoining ski area when such land has been closed by its owner and so posted by the owner or by the ski area operator pursuant to section 33-44-107 (6).

(12) Any person who violates any of the provisions of subsection (3), (9), (10), or (11) of this section is guilty of a class 2 petty offense and, upon conviction thereof, shall be punished by a fine of not more than three hundred dollars.

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from my little experience of skiing, i was able to avoid quite a number of obstacles, i was amazed that i did it. but when i did make contact, even the slighest one, i would turn and apologise, and make sure i leave with everyone happy.

but then, i have the ability to calm anyone down and make anyone happy...
im either a player
or a very good human resource person
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but seriously...
i think everyone should have manners...nothing worse then someone without any manners.
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