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How Old are these?

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I agree, I remember looking at those bundings back in the mid/late seventies but hey were prone to brake-down and never really caught on-An inetresting concept esp. for deep powder skiers.
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Hey PhilPugliese was trying to find out how to mount those!

Time for creative reverse engineering?

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Ahhh, the old Burt YO-YO's
Mr.&Mrs.t liked the "Burt II's" the best!
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I think Burts were introduced in the very late 1960's and had gone out of favor (except for Warren Miller movie jokes) by maybe '72 or '73. Lots of failure of the cable retraction system if I remember correctly.
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The Volkls are73 to 75, I think the Burts came out around 70......hang em on the wall!!!!!
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Originally posted by JackW:
Can some one tell me how old are these gear and should they go to the museums?
These came out around the mid-70s. Burt was the name of the inventor and owner of the company. The company only lasted a few years.

There were 2 models. The one you have was the original and more expensive model. They later came out with a less expensive model which did not have the vertical back plate.

There was also a version of the model you have with stronger springs which was all black (anodized).

Remenber that these came out before ski brakes existed, when "safety straps" or leashes were still used on skis. They were seen as a huge safety improvement and very convenient. Problem was as has been mentioned here is that the cable attachement tended to break. It was a complicated process to replace. From a performance point of view the binding to ski contact was considered loose and sloppy.
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As I recall the cable breaking down was often preferable. The other occurence was the ski coming back with the added force of the spring loaded cable and auto clubbing the hapless skier. Proved faily unpopular but gave incentive to avoid falling.
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