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Slalom Protection

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I'm racing in a beer league this year and we have a few slalom events. Should be a blast. Checking out pole guards and shin guards, they don't look too technologically advanced! I was thinking they almost look like you could make them yourself out of an old container form laudry detergent or something like that. Has anyone tried that? Mind you, I don't want to get to the hill looking like I'm auditioning for a re-make of the Beverly Hillbillies.
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Old magazines and duct tape.

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Well this year I got some scott pole protectors. I would invest in a good pair of pole protectors since the cross block will hurt your hands. For the shin protectors I am going to use some soccer shin guards.
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1. You can buy used shin guards (and probably hand/pole guards) cheap on eBay--there are always retiring racers getting rid of old stuff.

2. Borrow a baseball catcher's shin guards. It's the off season for baseball. One of the masters racers at a ski camp I attended had catcher's shin guards, and we all thought it was tres cool, rather than hick.

3. No offense, but how good are you? Worse than 40 handicap (time 140% or more of zero handicap racer) beer league racers rarely need shin guards because they don't typically shin gates, and not having hand protection will probably save you from the standard non-elite slalom racer mistake of reaching across the center line of your body for an outside hand gate clear. That having been said, you can really bang up your hands if you do a lot of slalom training without hand guards, even with padded racing gloves and duct tape.

4. Byron Friedman and a couple of other guys on the US ski team this year glued plastic guards onto the back of their gloves even for GS events. So if people give you a hard time about that, you can tell them that the technology is cutting edge, straight from the U.S. ski team.
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Don't use graphite poles. They will break. Get some metal ones and hand protectors.
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as for cheap shin guards- cut a 2 Liter plastic soda bottle in half the long way, put some adhesive foam rubber on the inside of the bottles and attach them to your shins any way possible. 9 out of 10 beer league racers will never ever need them, though.
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Consider adding a chin guard to your helmet too. The holes are usually there and they just bolt right on.
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Great suggestions, thanks for the input!
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I have seen shinguards made from pvc pipe sawed in half length wise then adhered using duct tape. Be creative!
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