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Quiver sensitivity?

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For some reason, not planned, I have accumulated a quiver of Volkl skis. As I leave the mountain each evening with my skis on my shoulders I often get a ribbing for being the only patroller taking skis out. Everyone else leaves theirs in the racks for the next day. I admit I get a warm fuzzy feeling while tuning my skis after nearly every use, but really, I take my skis home because I don't know which ski I will be selecting from the quiver for the next day.
P30's For fast and hard?
G3's, my daily drivers 'cause they just work (though getting a bit flabby and in need of replacement) G4's if there is a hint of fresh snow to consider.
Or, but not this year here in the East, though I should have taken them for the snowy week in Utah, Explosives.
You might notice a pattern here. Different types of skis listed from narrow to phat. Even if by chance all of the same maker.
Now here is the question. Different types of skis, but except for the P30's, maybe not different enough. For if I grab the pair I feel is right for the conditions of the day, I can hardly tell the difference in one ski from the other.
I'm wondering is it me, just getting used to this stuff? Or is it the snow conditions? With the G3 a baseline, hard begets hard, and soft snow hides so much.
Now I am sure that if I did a blind test on firm snow with each of these four tools, I could tell you which ski I was on my feet in about 30 yards, and describe in some detail why I could feel the difference. But when I select the tool that matches the application, I just can't see much difference in the way I ski or the the feel I have about the ski I am On.

Is this OK?

Maybe it's just the anticipation of springtime that puts one in some sort of melancholy.

Could be I'm looking for a reason to get a "different" tool.

Cal G
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If each pair of skis in their optimum conditions allows you to ski with virtually the same style, feeling and confidence then my take on it is simply that you've picked out a quiver of skis that complements your skiing style extremely well. You are obviously very well acquainted with each of your pairs, and IMO the fact that you tell little difference between them in difference conditions means little to nothing.
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I would think that this is a good sign that your skis siut your ability and that you have become adept at picking the "right" ski for the conditions. As an experiment, someday purposely pick the "wrong" pair for the conditions and see if it still feels natural. If so, maybe you are fooling yourself. If not, then you have just become good at picking the right tune for the right job.
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