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BASELAYER for skiing - synthetic vs natural

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trying to determine the BEST baselayer for skiing

I know it's not cotton, but I ski out west where it's dry, so cotton turtlenecks have been ok, but I know that the synthetics wick the sweat away better

looking for a zip-neck synthetic baselayer with anti-microbial treatment so it won't stink

anyone figure out this puzzle yet?

the mountian bikers use anti-microbial synthetic tops but the necks are not large enough (ie, turtleneck-like) to keep one warm in cold conditions

any advice would be appreciated
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SquawMan, the two basic approaches are the hydrophobic polyester as jonnythan pointed out or some of the new Merino wool blends that perform a similar function. The Patagonia Axuwool may be an option. It doesn't use heavy metals for the stink-free factor.
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Some of the best Synthetic choices are Acrteryx RHO top LW and Regular, Patagonia Regulator tops and Capilene Bottoms. All perform extremely well without the FUNK! Depending on your environment the weights will vary. RHO tops Regular weight Handle the worst of New England's weather in the mountains in the middle of winter whether Skiing/Hiking/Snowshoeing. The RHO Light weight are fine for fall and Spring season use above the treeline as are Patagonia's silkweight Capilene. The lightweight capilene's are great for moisture management and comfort throughout the season as long as as long as the temps are not too extreme. The midweights are good in the middle of the season just like Arcteryx regular Rho tops and bottoms. I Haven't had funk from either and the anti microbacterial properties seem to stand up over time even after repeated washings . For natural, the products from smart wool look promising but havent tried. Have been using the Arc'teryx and Patagonia for a couple of years now. Shop the online outlets for the best deals REI Outlet, STP, backcountry outlet etc. Have fun and stay warm
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Patagonia makes various types of Zip tneck base layers depending on how much insulation you require. I have an expedition weight zip t capilene that is about 10 years old....no odors.

For truly cold weather I have started wearing a Smartwool Zip tneck that is 100% merino wool and also a similar Ibex also made out of merino wool. I get similar warmth to Patagonia expedition weight capilene but neither are as bulky.

All work well, but I wear Patagonia mid weight capilene unless it is very cold.
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