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Salomon Equipe SC 10 or Atomic B5 or?

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Firstly, I am a noobie here (finally stopped lurking). Thanks so much for all the very intelligent and enlightening commentary and reviews, from all of you.

Problem at hand. For the hell of it I tried demo-ing the above referenced Salomon Equipe SC 10s in a 165 (?) last weekend and was absolutely thunderstruck. I have a pair of cruising Atomic 9.18 BetaCarves (about 5 years old) and could not believe how far things have gone. Gotta have new skis now. Those babies were turning fools and cut across any crud and hardpack I could find. I very reluctantly handed them back -- if no credit card had changed hands.....

I am 44, 5'11", 175 and have three lousy disks in my lower back: L3-L4 is dark, L4-L5 is herniated and L5-S1 is dark (MRI last month and epidural cortisone). I have been an all mountain skier, but never totally Gonzo -- avoiding stuff Starr and Goat in Stowe, Great Scott at Snowbird where ever possible. I used to ski 20+ days a year out West and another 15 or so here in the East. I have skied Fischers, Elans, Dynamic (I loved my VR27 200s -- black beauties and still ski them once in a while to freak people out). Then I discovered Atomics and that was that. The current set are 180s and they felt short when I bought them.

But what to do? I just cannot abuse the body anymore doing what I used to in terms of bumps, trees, stupid chutes, etc., my back just won't take it. I am resigned to move on to ripping the groomed and cherry pick whatever pow I can find -- but Bretton Woods where we normally ski (pretty boring, but good for small kids) is normally pretty much the New England standard hardpack.

Which leads me to choice: those Salomons were awesome, even freaky at the length (abnormally heavy too?). But, everything I have read here about the B5s makes me think that I need to look there too. And what other skis should I be looking at? Volkls? Nordica Dobermanns? I figure that a small radius overshaped ski will deliver what I want, but the risk in going overboard in that direction? I am seriously confused as to direction to go. If I go out West, I wil demo or rent. So, I am really looking for the ultimate NE ski for carving with a decent bit of float in case we get a dump.

If you feel you want to tell me something or recommend in private, my e-mail is jurisproodenz@comcast.net. Otherwise, I look forwards to hearing some wisdom from you all.

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First off, welcome to Epicski.

Now for your skis. The Salomon Equipe SC 10 is not going to have the performance that the Metron B:5 will have. I dont even think it is going to compare to the M:11 or M:10 in all mountian performance and rebound energy. The only thing that you may find similar is edgehold (for the softer atomics) and turn radius. So, essentially for the performance oriented skier the Atomics are a better choice. A high end skier can still ski the SC 10 and make it work just as well to the naked eye... but from extensive experience on Salomons, you have to ski them with less power and just let them roll through the turns.

Now, given the situation with your back... I would get the salomons. They are a less agressive ski and are going to torque your body a whole lot less than any of the above mentioned Atomics are going to. They are going to offer similar performance for the terrain you will be skiing, and require a lot less effort on your part. For days that I am being lazy on the snow i prefer nothing else over a Salomon ski, because if you use good technique they will do the work for you.

Hope that helps a little bit.


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Jurisproodenz, welcome to EpicSki! It's great that you posted.

Any chance you can get on a pair of Fischer RX8s? The conditions and skiing you describe fit its sweet spot to a "T". The b5s will be nice, too, but if it's really a 100% east coast ski, you may find a pure carver like the RX8 more to your liking. I am just about your age, height, and weight (44 in April, 6', 180-185), and really have fun on the RX8 in a 165. The 170 is great, too (skied it all last year), but the 165 is just that much turnier.

You might also try an Elan S10 Fusion, a Volkl 6*, or a Doberman Pro (but that one will really rock you with turns--it's a lot of ski!).
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Thanks Greg and Steve. I looked at the website for the Nordica Dobies: the pro SC XBS in the 164 seems awfully interesting. While my back is very questionable, I'd hate to think that I have totally sold out -- its a fine line of where I can get away with it. The first Salomons that I skied just seemed dead (screams?) -- these were most definitely different, but if what you two are pointing out is true and what I suspected, then there is lots more action to be had for a little more effort and technique. The Fischer RX8 also look to be the biz, but the full-on racers by Fischer even more so. But perhaps I am getting greedy.

I will try the skis you two have suggested this weekend: there is a big demo weekend at Bretton Woods with all the major manufacturers there and even some oddball Japanese makes too. With all the white stuff that fell today in Boston, I can't wait to get North. First tracks on Saturday to be sure, if I play a little hookey, even some afternoon or night skiing tomorrow.
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Get on a pair of those "oddball" Japanese skis. Ogasaka skis rip from what i hear. They are all hand built and very high quality. Demo to see what you like and what your back can handle and take it from there. I would hate to reccommend something to you here that would end up injuring your back even more.
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The full-on race skis can be a real handful. I have found the SC-style race skis (Doberman Pro SC, Fischer WC SC and Race SC, and the like) to be monster turners. But, they are a lot of ski. I have no idea what the implications for your back will be.
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