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powder, tree and bump ski?

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I am currently looking for a ski that will handle well in powder, quick turns for the trees and moguls. I currently have K2 axis xr's (64cm waist) which are great carvers for the east but looking for something more versatile for the occasional trip out west (Tahoe end of this month ) and if we ever get real snow again here in the east. I am a 42 y/o 5'7" 165# advanced but not expert skier.
Thinking anything 75-80cm could be wide enough for west but still practical back East. Any thoughts on the Salomon Scream Pilot Hot, Rossignol B2 or even the Salomon 1080 also heard good things about Dynastar Trouble Maker. (no experience with twin tips)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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There's alot of good choices in the 75-80 mm range:

Dynastar's Legend 8000 (which I own)
K2's Recon
Rossi's B2

I'd be surprised if you didn't like one of these skis.
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Been using the K2 Recon the past few weeks in that type of terrain here in Vail and am very pleased. Decent carver if the snow is soft but can be overpowered, particularly on hard snow.
I'm 5'10", 160#, Level 9 and ski the 174cm.
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Another good choice in that range for versatality ,you might consider,would be the Head Monster i.m 75 CHip or XRC 1100 Chip. The 75 Handles the Deeps at Jay and rock solid on the Harpack(Blue Ice) at Cannon. The 1100 is geared more for groomed with the ablity to float in light powder days. Head Skis do not get the press they deserve. As a Ex Volkl and Dynastar guy, I switched 2 years ago and haven't looked back. Can usely find at a good discount as well. Happy hunting Remember Demo Demo Demo!
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Thanks guys, much appreciated I will certainly try and demo your recommendations in Tahoe.

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I am your size and I like the 1080 in a 171.

It will not rip high speeds arcs but if you throw a 3 degree side bevel on them they will hold on ice if you feather them.

They are light and are a blast for bumps, trees, and taking jumps.

I had them out last month up at Sugarloaf when it was wet snow. Everyone else was sinking while me and my wife were floating over all the crap on the 1080s. I didn't see a ton of tip deflection unless you ski too fast for the conditions or can't handle the condition changes fluidly.

I got them because I wanted a light, fun, and non metal ski.

It won't go extremely fast but that is what I have my Atomics for.
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I'm currently skiing 160cm on my K2 xr's. Demoed last season up to 167, felt good in the open but a bit sloppy in moguls and trees. I like the quickness of a shorter ski. Do you think for my weight, while although looking for better float in powder I would give up much quickness when hitting bumps and glades at 171. I understand the 1080 is lighter than what I am used to. Any advice would be great.
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Berlsy, since you're demoing, you may want to put the Atomic Metron:b5 and Metron:11 on your list, too. Especially the b5 is very versatile for east coast, but wide and floaty for west (127mm shovel in the 162). Add to that an 11m turn radius, and you have another fun ski...
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My vote would be the Legend 8000. I have had great luck with them in powder and they are as much fun on the groomed as my old K2 Axis. I hate bumps but my bump skiing improved instantly with these skis as well which shocked me. All in all they are a blast in almost anything I have tried them in:

Packed powder
12-18" powder

You name it... They are extremely versatile. They love short turns and I skied them in the trees at Wolf Creek last week in 12' of medium weight powder and had a blast. I am 6'1' and 195 and ski the 178cm.
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