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Tackling Squaw - Advice?

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Hi all,

Will be heading up to Squaw in a couple of weeks. I'm usually up in Tahoe for ~20-30 days a season, but this will be my first time at Squaw in roughly 11 years. Usually I'm at Alpine or Heavenly. I'm looking for suggestions for terrain/lifts to try out so that I don't have to half a day just trying different spots.

I'm primarily looking for steep wide groomers and good tight advanced-level bump runs. I'm roughly a level 7+...

Anyone who can offer some runs to try, many thanks!
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Steep, wide groomers: Siberia, Granite Chief, Olympic Lady.

Good, tight, advanced level bump runs: Broken Arrow, Granite Chief, The Funnel, KT. Fun bumps but wide open, not tight: Headwall (both sides).
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Longer groomers

If you want longer groomers that you can get some speed on, you might head down Squaw Creek (it's also a dollar or two more expensive, but much less crowded for lunch on the patio) and/or Red Dog. For pure groomers, I prefer those lifts to Siberia or Granite Chief.

Also, from there it's easy to get back to KT or to the bottom of the Funitel, so you can hit bump runs and/or head back up to the upper mountain.

Generally, avoid Shirley Lake/Solitude, as those areas have less vertical, but if you want to get there, here's how: From Emigrant, take Funnel down & head to the right to Solitude. From the top of Solitude head down to Silverado for some challenging stuff (just make sure you're careful of the cliffs). In fact, you could go down the back side of High Camp, cut across the ridge and hit the backside of Broken Arrow - there's a cool bowl there, but the bottom of Silverado gets bumpy.

Also, pay attention to the sun: Broken Arrow gets it in the AM, so afternoon it can get mushier. Also, Sun Bowl, off the back of Headwall, gets AM sun.

BTW: Due to high speed lifts, you can lap the Siberia/Headwall area 5-6 times in 75 minutes, or do the almost the same at KT22. I wouldn't worry too much about wasting time, you're gonna be burnin' & lootin' all day...
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