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Atomic SL9

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Does anyone have any info on the new atomic SL9's. The only site i have seen them on is proctorjones.com

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I own a pair. Very good skis. I skied a pair of 9.16's until March and then began using the new SL9's. Tighter turn radius and a little more energy. Ski them short. I weigh 190 and am 5"10". I ski the 160.

I demoed and bought the Fischer World Cup SC. It is a similar ski, although, I haven't spent any time on them yet.
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Rusty Guy,
How did you get a pair already? I skied the 9.12's this year and ended up sending them back to Atomic in april because the base was separating from the ski. They said they won't have a pair for me until quote "late summer".
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If you want a SL9 now, go to a ski shop and buy some. If you want to get your warranty replacement, you'll have to wait until the warehouse gets some in. Atomic US has expanded its warehousing facility, and is pretty much out of inventory. Atomic Austria is still building next years skis, and will deliver as orders are completed.

Two options, pay now or wait until later.
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thanks betaracer
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I teach full time and the Atomic pro rep at our resort obtained the ski for me in March.

Quite a few folks were on the ski by late winter in Colorado. They are a very good ski.
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